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5 Excellent Drama’s Featuring The Members of CNBlue!

February 28, 2018


After weeks of procrastination and laziness, I have finally finished watching Longing Heart! Every day I would come home from school and (like a boss) proclaim “TODAY, I’ll finish you!” But somehow I found myself getting distracted by new episodes of Radio Romance, Waikiki, and whatever else caught my attention. I mean who wants to watch that old just-ended-two-weeks-ago show, when instead you could be watching something BRAND NEW?

Many bowls of ramen later and, after catching up on all the currently airing shows, it happened. I finally finished! Once the ending credits started rolling I swear I heard “We Are The Champion” by Queen playing in my head. “We are the champions, my friends. And we keep fighting ’til the end!” Do you ever get that feeling? That accomplished feeling after finishing a drama. Like you deserve an award (even though hundreds of people have watched it before you).


Ever since it was announced that Yonghwa was enlisting I’ve found myself (crying) watching, (crying) re-watching, and (did I mention crying?) re-re-watching different dramas staring the CNBlue members. I feel like I owe them somehow since I haven’t a good fangirl. (After listening to all there songs and watching them on Weekly Idol I STILL can’t remember all the member’s names) Of all the drama’s I’ve seen that feature the CNBlue members, here are my top 5 picks


Longing Heart

After multiple weeks, bowls of ramen, and advertisements on my facebook feed I finally finished. I never truly found myself having any of those I-need-to-know-what-happens-next feelings but overall the show was interesting. The story was exactly the same as it was advertised cute, short, and to the point. On one hand that meant that the plot moved at a fast pace and the romance was seen early on. On the other hand, that means that there were a lot of unanswered question and no explanation as to how he was able to time travel. But if you’re just like me and just watching for the cute romance, it’s easy to ignore those minor plotholes! Watching Jung Shin in Cinderella and the Four Knights made me realize that he’d make a great lead actor. And luckily he didn’t disappoint. In Longing Heart he was charming, adorable, and had me melting into goo everytime I saw his legs in those skinny pants (His legs are slim and seemed to go on for miles)

My Only Love Song

Instead of calling my previous post “My Only Love Song Review”, I probably should’ve titled it “All The Reasons Jonghyun Is Sexy, and Why He Can Be The Father To My Future Children”. I mentioned a few times (cough most of the post cough) that the main reason I loved this show (besides the awesome car that beats people with its doors) was the main couple.The leads were cast perfectly, and their steaming chemistry was off the charts! Jonghyun was our comedic, angsty, bad boy while Gong Seung Yeon was our crazy, badass and, evil-ly smart female lead. Together they made this comedic duo who’s romance was unstoppable. The kisses were hot, the stolen glances adorable, and the gestures natural. I’ve never seen the show We Got Married (and hadn’t planned on it) but after seeing this couple in action I decided to go back and watch when the actors first met.

The Package

Unlike the other dramas on this list, the reason I fell in love this show and enjoy re-watching it (I still watch certain scenes once a week) wasn’t because of lovey-dovey romance. Instead, I found myself loving the relatability of the characters and the stories they told. Yonghwa moved my heart in this role, not only because of his usual charming self but because I felt emotionally connected to his character.  The romance was a plus but overall I couldn’t help but pray that he got the happy ever after he deserved! All the characters in this drama were excellently developed, but it was Yonghwa’s and Ryu Seung Soo story that I was most interested in. Could another actor have pulled off this role? Maybe. But honestly, Yonghwa is such a great actor its hard to think of anybody else in this role.

The Entertainer

To be honest I wasn’t the biggest fan of this drama. The plot was good but the main romance was as exciting as watching grass grow. It was boring and dragged out. The only reasons I liked this show were because of Minhyuk’s character, the storyline with the young father was adorable, and the OST was great! After watching this show I had to go download the OST immediately. I loved “I See You” by Minhyuk and I was surprised by how great his vocals were. I keep hoping one day he’ll release a solo album.

Girl’s Generation 1979

I can’t say that Jonghyun’s character really stood out in this show, but overall I loved this show. In my review, I mentioned the message that the story delivers and the characters that we meet are what made this short drama such an enjoyable watch. I loved watching the main character, but when it came to romance I was more interested in Jong Hyun’s storyline. Not just because I like Jong Hyun (I love him) but rather because he was mysterious and there was more danger lurking around this couple. Who doesn’t like a bad boy? In dramas. (Children, I hope that in real life we’re dating safe, good guys. Right?)


Which drama’s featuring CNBlue members have you watched? Any drama’s on this list that you haven’t seen? Let me Know! 


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