~Who’s Kia?~

 A crazy, 20-something year old noona hiding in the USA with a laptop as my main companion.


~Kia in Dramaland~

It all began with a bad case of Bronchitis and Netflix. I felt as if I was dying a slow death, and since I had nothing better to do (besides being overly dramatic and writing a will) I decided to browse around Netflix. Browsing through my recommendations all I found were shows that I’ve already seen and some random Asian dramas. Since I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it until tomorrow, I decided to be adventurous and watch a Korean Drama.


From the first episode until the very last I couldn’t tear my eyes away! I managed to binge watch this entire show in one day, and even re-watched it the next!

Falling for Innocence stole my heart and was my first introduction into K-dramas. My next show, Coffee Prince, basically sealed the deal, and trapped me here in K-Dramaworld.

After that I was addicted.

I traded real men, for drama characters. I traded pop for K-pop. I traded Chris Hemsworth for Ji Chang-Wook.

After watching everything Netflix had to offer I was lost as to what I should watch next, and where I could watch it. Its hard finding drama recommendations because everyone enjoys different things. After I discovered Dramafever and Viki I decided “why not?” and I began watching every show on these websites.

By doing that I discovered more Asian dramas and fell in love with Chinese and Thai shows.

This blog is where I share my love of not just Korean dramas but all Asian dramas! Here on LoveKoreana you’ll find drama reviews, recommendations, and a new crazy, K-drama obsessed friend!

What should we watch next?

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