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Annoying Questions Every Kpop Fan Has Been Asked

February 28, 2018


Song of the day- “Hate” by 4Minute

This story begins on a rainy, Monday afternoon. The air was cold, the sky pouring rain. I was sitting in the library chatting with my study group when it suddenly happened. A girl (whos-name-I-have-forgotten) noticed the adorable BTS keychain on my backpack (as seen in the picture).

Innocently she asked me who were the guys on my pillow. Like any good missionary, I was more than happy to convert another person, and introduce them to the world of Kpop. I told her about BTS, and how amazing they were. The questions that followed however ruined my mood “They’re Korean? How do you understand them? Can you even tell them apart? Are you trying to become Korean?”. In a fit of anger, I kicked her out of her chair, smiling as she collapsed onto the floor. “They’re too good for you” I exclaimed as I ignored her shock gaze, and returned to my work.

Ok, so that’s not what really happened. I didn’t kick her out of the chair (even though I wanted to). Instead, I gave the usual monotone answers “Yes. Subtitles. Yes. No.”

This year will mark the 3 years since I’ve discovered Korean dramas and music and let ask this. Do you ever get used to the stupid question? I swear over the years I’ve met some pretty amazing people who also love Kpop but I’ve also met some people who ask the stupidest questions. Here are just a few questions that I’ve been asked over the years.

Do You Want To Be Korean?

Seriously? just because I enjoy watching Korean dramas doesn’t mean that I have fantasies of becoming a Korean woman. I know other international fans must get this question asked a lot. When I talk about my biases, people love to point out that it’s rare to see Korean idols marry someone that is not of Asian descent.

Look I get it. And I also understand the chances of a Korean idol marrying any fan is slim to none. But honestly, I wouldn’t want to marry my bias. I’d be scared of random fangirls coming after me.

Do you speak Korean?

No. I don’t speak stupid either but somehow we’re still talking.

How do you watch shows if you don’t understand what they’re saying?

There was this fancy invention created years ago. It is located on the bottom of every show that I watch. It translates the spoken language into one that you can read and understand without a translator. What is it called? Subtitles.

Aren’t Korean and Japanese the same thing?

Sure, just like America and China are the same place.

How can you tell anybody apart, they all look the same!

Honestly, I can’t even say that this is a stupid question, but it does get annoying. If you’re not familiar or used to seeing Asian people then they might look all alike at first. Just like I viewed a video where most Koreans thought all Black people resembled Beyonce, and all Hispanics resembled Jennifer Lopez. It takes time before you can actually start telling the difference. It’s honestly not offensive if you generally can’t see the difference but some people just say this because they think they’re being funny.

Brother: What are you doing?

Me: Watching Korean Dramas.

Brother: Ha! How do you watch that crap? All the people look the same!

25 mins later

Police: And what happened next?

Me: Next thing I knew he was laying on the floor dead.

See the difference?

Are you getting a case of yellow fever?

Just because I find Asian men cute doesn’t mean I’m about to fly to Korea just so I can find a random man to marry (unless it’s Ji Chang Wook). Men claim that Brazil is filled with the best-looking women yet I don’t see them traveling there in large masses! It’s not like I love Asian men specifically, I just love all gorgeous men equally.



What would be your response to these questions? And what are some other stupid questions that you’ve been asked? Let me know!


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