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BTS Album Wings Review

October 12, 2016


If you follow any form of social media, then you should know that BTS just dropped their 2nd studio album Monday (10/10/16) and let me just take a moment to express my happiness through exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

BTS Wings Album Review


 The album Wings features the song “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”, and 7 songs with solos songs of the BTS members. This album definitely symbolizes the next step for BTS and their career. This album introduces us to a new type of BTS music. Before there songs were light and cute but now the music is more dark and mature (Wikipedia seems to categorize this as trap music). Which I love! The music video (shown below) is also different from their usual style but the excellent choreography is still what makes BTS the best! The theme of the music video is much darker than other music videos I’ve seen so it took me a moment to get accustomed to dark colors and symbolic scenes. The BTS members are all men who are in there 20s so it is nice to see their music mature with them!

I haven’t purchased the album yet but luckily Spotify has the entire album. I loved all the songs but since I’m not a hardcore rap fan some of Rap Monsters songs kind of went over my head. Here is a list of my favorite songs, and the ones that I’ve kept on reply:

1.       Lost

2.       Blood, Sweat, and Tears

3.       Begin

4.       MAMA

5.       Awake

I was actually surprised to see how much more Jin and V were involved in the songs/mv.

You know how every band has those members that fly under the radar?  There what the running man cast has dubbed “the unnoticeables”. To me Jin and V were just that. They are members that you acknowledge but don’t pay any attention to (no offense to the fangirls). After listening to this album though, that all changed. They definitely had more parts and Jin’s solo song Awake was one of my faves! I’m so happy to see that the entire group grew and not just the popular members. This has defiantly been a good year for BTS and I’m so excited to see the members continue to grow. EXO better be careful because they have some competition!

Blood, Sweat, and Tears MV

Just a side note J-Hopes song MAMA had me thinking of the time BTS was on Weekly Idol and they had to create alarm messages. “Noona, Time to wake up!” He was so cute when he said that!


BTS army member,


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