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7 2017 K-Dramas That You Can’t Miss or Are Worth The Skip

January 2, 2018



2017 was a year filled that filled me with mixed feelings. For every drama that I loved there seemed to be 2 other dramas that I disliked. It took me weeks and many attempts to finish a lot of shows that were released this year. Many shows were just plain boring and I couldn’t help noticing kept noticing that many shows shared similar plot lines. The earlier part of 2017 was filled with many excellent shows but once summer came the quality of the shows just seemed to go down. With all the dramas that were released in 2017 I thought I would help you out and tell you what shows you can’t miss, and what shows are worth skipping. Of course, everything I say is my own opinion and not everyone will agree with me. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a few new shows to watch or save time by skipping over others.



Can’t Miss: Hit The Top
Worth the Skip: Liar and His Lover

I wanted to love Liar and His Lover so badly. As someone who loved the original Japanese movie, I was excited about this. When it was announced that Lee Hyun Woo and Joy were the leading couple I thought it was sealed deal. And maybe that’s what I did wrong. My expectations were high, and the plot didn’t deliver. The characters were immature, and the plot made me dislike everyone including the leads. While I won’t say Hit The Top was an excellent drama it was enjoyable. The characters were interesting, more relatable, and more everything. The romance had its awkward moments, there could’ve been more time spent on developing the character relationships, but overall this show had something Liar and His Lover didn’t. Character growth! In Hit The Top we could see and notice the changes in all of our lead characters. Even the villain managed to redeem himself! In Liar and His Lover most characters started and ended the same way. Both shows focus on the music entertainment. While Liar and His Lover had excellent OST, Hit The Top delivered a better story.



Can’t Miss: Woman of Dignity
Worth the Skip: Ms. Perfect

I’ll just start by saying both shows are underrated and underwatched! These shows both focus on older female leads who both seem to have it all, but soon there lives become unraveled. Ms.Perfect is hard to describe. It was an interesting and unique show. The story jumped around a lot, and the characters were hard to understand. The plot fell short in certain places and some scenes would leave me confused. Woman of Dignity also had a plot that jumped around from various characters and timelines. The only difference is that the plot in Woman of Dignity was suspenseful as we tried to solve the murder mystery presented in the first episode, and the story was much easier to follow.

I loved the cast in Woman of Dignity much more (and not because of the big names) because the female leads were captivating. Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah did an excellent job portraying these badass babes. Both women were different from the usual pushover leads and that is what truly made this show stand out. Ms. Perfect definitely kept me watching but not because I cared about the characters rather I just wanted to know how the show ended.




Can’t Miss: Band of Unni’s
Worth the Skip: You Are To Much

I don’t think there is much to say about this. Both use every kdrama cliche in the books but the cast is what truly made the difference. In Band Of Unni’s we have this amazing group of woman who are trying to solve a crime that has affected all their lives. Some of the characters just fell flat but luckily some of the characters storylines saved the story. Well, that and all the fighting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a daily drama where the leads were the ones slapping and not the other way around. You Are To Much was exactly as titled. To much. Too much drama, too much stupidity, and to much lack of common sense. Both shows would’ve better off with 15 less episodes but you have a better chance of finishing Band Of Unni’s than trying to finish 20 episodes of You Are To Much.



Can’t Miss: Tomorrow With You
Worth the Skip: Manhole

Geez, I don’t even know how to explain my thoughts on Manhole. Tomorrow With You was everything Manhole tried to be, plus more. I mean even the drama Somehow 18 managed to do a better job with the time travel plot, and it was only 10 episodes that were 15 minutes each. Tomorrow With You had leads with great chemistry, an intriguing plot, and great characters. Manhole was filled with immature and annoying characters, annoying love triangles, and a lead couple I didn’t ship. If you haven’t seen this show consider yourself lucky and keep it going.




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Can’t Miss: Circle
Worth the Skip: Reunited Worlds

After watching Yeo Jin Goo’s excellent performance in Circle I was amazed to see how horrible his role in Reunited Worlds was. His acting wasn’t bad. Nope, it was just the role he was given. Overall Reunited Worlds isn’t an awful show, but I definitely wouldn’t it recommend it. It’s probably not fair to compare it to Circle since they are 2 different genres but since they have the same lead and they aired right after each other its hard not to compare them.

After watching his chemistry with Gong Seung Yeon in Circle I was excited to see him starring in a romance drama soon after. In Reunited Worlds the chemistry between the leads was… bland. They were cute but the lacked the chemistry that made me want to see more. In Circle we are treated to a suspenseful, thriller with Yeo Jin Goo as our brilliant main character. In Reunited Worlds he is about as smart as a doorknob.

Reunited Worlds tries to sell us this second chance love story but the only redeeming part of this story was the friendship and family relationships. Even the mystery aspect fell short. Circle keeps you entertained while Reunited Worlds makes you wonder if people can truly be this stupid. I wish Circle could’ve been 5 episodes and longer, and Reunited Worlds 10 episodes shorter.



Can’t Miss: Seven Days a Queen
Worth the Skip: My Sassy Girl

Argh!! I’m going to start by saying that I am biased. Seven Days a Queen was no doubt my favorite drama from this year and I even wrote a review about how much I loved the complex characters. My Sassy Girl was also a historical romance but that is the only similarities that they share. Unlike the amazing parent story that the drama created from, this show started off weak and had very few good parts. For the most part, the show focuses on the cute lead and usual corruption case with a hint of comedic storytelling. The lead couple was cute but the story was boring. On the other hand, Seven Days A Queen was a heart-wrenching tale about two people who truly loved each other and the sacrifices they made.

I could just ramble on forever about my thoughts on this show, but overall the romance was much interesting in Seven Days A Queen. The lead couple in this show had more chemistry than those in My Sassy Girl. The plot in Seven Days A Queen was much more captivating and held my attention from start to finish, unlike My Sassy Girl. It took me about 3 tries to finish My Sassy Girl, while it took me 1 night of binge-watching to finish Seven Days a Queen.



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