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EXO-CBX Mini Album Review

October 31, 2016


Is it me or does it seem like October has been a month of great kpop music? We got new music from BTS, Monsta X, BAP, 24K, and now EXO?!! Give me a moment, I can feel the tears coming.



EXO-CBX(which stands for Chen-Baekhyun-Xiumin) has released their first mini album, Hey Mama, today, and I can already tell that this album will be on the billboards for a while. When it was first announced that EXO would be making a sub-unit I swear I was the only person who wasn’t jumping for joy. I was a little skeptical because EXO has been going strong for many years now, and I feel that a sub-unit is unnecessary at this point. When they announced that the unit was going to consist of Chen,Baekhyun, and Xiumin I got more worried.
Xiumin is my EXO bias so it’s not that I have anything against these guys, but it’s just…. Why them?  Out of all the combinations they could come up with, they chose these guys? When they announced,EXO was getting a sub-unit I was sure Chanyeol or D.O. was going to join or be a part of it, so you can only imagine my surprise.  Also, when groups form sub-units it usually limits the activities of the main group since now you have schedule and promote both groups.  I couldn’t help but wonder if this was going to affect EXO as whole!

After listening to this album, all these doubts and concerns washed away. I loved it! The music reminds me of the earlier EXO songs but with a little bit extra. I loved the title song Hey Mama but if I had to rank the songs on the album:


1.       Cherish

2.       Rhythm After Summer

3.       Hey Mama

4.       The One

5.       Juliet

The music has a nice old school vibe, and the promo pictures definitely confirm that this is their theme. I was also really surprised to hear Chen rapping throughout Hey Mama! Being a part of a big group its obvious that all the singers can’t show off every skill they have. Chen has rapped in songs before, but this is the first time I’ve actually paid attention. For this sub-unit it seems as if he might be the main rapper. Showing off those awesome skills. Go Chen! Baekhyun and Xiumin sound so cute and refreshing like they usually do, but something seemed different. Both of them have kind, playful personalities and I think that w’ere able to see it a little in the songs. For example, Hey Mama has such a fun, playful sound, and funky (do people even use this word anymore?) dance vibe.


I can’t wait to hear more from them! Maybe EXO might surprise us again soon with another sub-unit or new song?

Until we meet again~

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