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K-Pop Daebak #3 – Female Group Edition

October 7, 2016


Hello October!

Each month Spotify emails a list and chart showing your most popular and frequently listened to songs and artist.

It’s not surprising that EXO and BTS where my most played artist but what did surprise me was when I saw Apink also listed. I’m not a big supporter of girl groups just because sometimes the different voices can come across as whiny and the girls try to hard to appear cute. I like 2NE1 because there music is different then what other girl groups offer. I only like to 2 songs by Apink, “The Wave” and “Let’s Fall in Love”. For it to appear on my list that must mean I either listen to them a lot or I don’t listen to anything other than EXO and BTS. I wonder which one it is?

Just to show you guys I live for more than just boy bands I decided that this week I will highlight my favorite girl groups and songs. I have a separate post that will highlight my September favorites (click here to read). Enjoy!

Favorite Female Group K-pop Songs!

Let Us Just Love by Apink

Woo Hoo by Mamamoo


All Mine by f(x)


(Not songs by a girl group but the singer belongs to one)

Call You Bae by Ji-Min and Xiumin


Starlight by Taeyeon

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