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My Favorite Hidden Gem K-Drama’s

May 10, 2017

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Finding new K-dramas to watch can be a hard and frustrating task. What makes it worse is that when you ask others for recommendations, they only seem to mention popular titles or shows with popular cast! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone ask for new show recommendations and the answers included popular shows such as Goblin, Healer, Kill Me, Heal Me, etc.

Yeah, those shows are good, but most people have probably seen them because they are also very popular.

Have you visited mydramalist.com?

All of those shows rank in the top 20 highest rated dramas!!!

There are a lot of great shows that are under appreciated (and below the top 20) either because the cast is filled with small names or the show came on while a popular title was airing.

For example, How many of you guys can name another show that aired around the same time as Goblin?

Probably none, because everyones attention was focused on that one show.

Today I have a list of some great shows that I consider hidden gems! Watching lesser known shows like this is a great way to introduce yourself to knew actors and add more variety to what your watching!

Here is my list of my 5 favorite underrated Korean dramas!

Let’s go!

Dr. Frost


Song Chang Eui plays Dr. Frost, a young, brilliant psychologist who solves crimes involving perpetrators with mental illnesses. The cast isn’t filled with big names (none), and it isn’t filled with intense, suspenseful crimes. Instead we have a slower pace show with crimes that are intriguing, logical and an episodic plot. This show gets good ratings from those who have seen it, but on the other hand not many people have seen or heard of it. This show is worth watching not only for the psychological cases, but because of the character Dr.Frost. He has a way of capturing your interest!

Spring Day Of My Life

The Spring Day of My Life Korean Drama Poster

A cute romance about a young woman Lee Bom Yi (Choi Soo Young) who has finally been given a new lease on life after having a successful heart transplant a few years ago. While on vacation she meets and later falls in love with the older widower, and father of 2 Kang Dong Ha (Kam Woo Sung). There are many obstacles that stand in them way of them being together besides the age gap. Such as the fact that Dong Ha is her fiancee’s older brother, and there’s also a secret that ties them together.

The ending didn’t suit the show, and in my opinion its why the show has received lower ratings. If you want to enjoy the show and end it on a reasonable note just stop at episode 10. Don’t watch 11-16. Save yourself!

Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi

A funny office story about a fiery business woman Ok Dong Ja (Lee Yo Won) who becomes the section chief and boss of Nam Jung Gi (Yoon Sang Hyun) a timid, cowardly man. There personalities don’t match and they often find themselves annoying each other. Together they navigate through the competitive business world, learning about each other along the way. A enjoyable watch for those who enjoy business shows, and want to watch something out of the ordinary!

It does have a cute romance story, but the show is mostly about character development. It takes time for the romance to develop but Its worth it! The characters change a lot from the way they were at the beginning and that just makes the romance seem much more beautiful!

Romance Blue


A web drama about Min Woo (Park Min Woo) a man that doesn’t understand what love is, and Ji An (Kim Ji An) a girl who is scared, but wants to experience love. Its a short, melancholy romance story about two similar yet different people falling in love.

Divorce Lawyers in Love

Divorce Lawyer in Love Korean Drama Poster

We all know that Yeon Woo Jin is the prince of romantic comedies! In Divorce Lawyers in Love he plays So Jeong Wo, a new Lawyer who previously worked under Go Cheok Hee (Jo Yeo Jung) an ambitious, and arrogant lawyer who was determined to win every case no matter what had to be done. They parted on bad terms, and years later they meet again. This times the roles reversed. Jeong Wo has just opened up his own law firm, and Cheok Hee comes to work as the office manger. What better time to get revenge?

The chemistry between the leads is good and the comedic cast keep you watching! Sometimes I found myself rolling my eyes from the cheesiness, but overall it’s a fun show!  It’s  great for those times when you want to watch a lighthearted romance without all the extra drama.

The end!

That was my 5 favorite underrated Korean Dramas, what about yours? Do you have any hidden gems? Let me know which shows you recommend. Maybe you’ll introduce me to my new favorite show!

See Ya~

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