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My most recommended K-pop songs from February

February 24, 2017

I promise I’m not dead!!

Sorry about disappearing for so long. The holidays came up, final exams occurred, school started again, and poor planning on my part. Now I have a lot of free time, so I can re-devote myself to this blog!

Usually I do K-Pop Daebak’s every Thursday, but since yesterday was the last Thursday of the month, I decided to go ahead and just give you guys an overview of what I’ve been listening to and the new groups I’ve discovered.

I don’t want to make this post long, so let’s get started! ————— >

I usually listen to all my music on Spotify, but last month I decided to be adventurous and try apple music. Apple music has a really good way of organizing their music and showing which songs are trending, so it made it easier for me to find new music. I love it! I have discovered so many
new songs, and my playlist went for 98 songs to 138 songs. No joke.

BTS released 2 new songs this month, and that made this the BEST month ever! It was suprising to see how popular they’ve grown since they’ve released the album Wings. Spring Day quickly hit over 1 million views in less than 24 hours. Their becoming more popular, and I’m really happy to see all their hard work paying off!

Another group that surprised me was IMFACT. I’ve never been a fan of their songs but I listened to In the Club, and wow did that change my opinion of them! I went back and listened to a few of their songs, and I did find myself liking a few more songs. Overall though IMFACT is going to have to work a little harder to win me over.

With the release of their song Limitless, NCT 127 has also quickly moved up on my personal chart. After watching them on Weekly Idol I swear I fell in love. ( Luv u Mark ^3^) These guys are funny, and I love how they look so cool on stage but they are shy and nervous off the stage. It was funny
watching the MC’s tormenting them.

Last but not least the end of 2NE1. It was sad to see 2NE1 leave, but I did love their song
Goodbye.  (I know I wasn’t the only one crying while watching the music video).

Here are my top 10 songs of January/February

 Kpop Songs of Jan/Feb


1.      Limitless by NCT 127

2.      The Song by Zion T

3.      Spring Day by BTS

     4.  In the Club by IMFACT

5.      Goodbye by 2Ne1

6.      Tina by MASC

7.      You Were Beautiful by Day6

8.      Rookie by Red Velvet

9.      Roar by SF9

    10.  He isn’t worth it by Sun Shengxi

(This song ismandopop but I’ve been loving it. Tell me if you know where this is from!)


What songs have you been listening to? Anything you like to recommend?
I’m always looking for suggestions! Until next time

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