Looking for new music or groups to fall in love with? Then you’ve come to the perfect place!

Every Friday I update this page with my guilty pleasures of the week. Some new songs, some older songs. Honestly, it’s just a list of what I’ve been listening to on replay throughout the week.

Sharing is caring! If you have any song or group recommendations don’t be shy. Drop those names in the comment section!


#1 Song of the Week

Comments: It’s such a strange song, but that makes me love it even more. I couldn’t help but laugh every time they tried to set each other on fire (reminded me of Red Velvet’s Russian Roulette)


A Few More Favorites


Comment: I watched a drama starring UNIQ’s Wenhan and now I can’t stop listening to this song. They haven’t disbanded, right?

Comment: I’m going to miss these girls!


Comment: Why is their choreo so great?! I’ve already rewatched this video 4 times.

Comment: Why are they so friggin cute? Especially Felix and that hat! Can I have him? Please?!


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