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Into the New World (Again)

October 3, 2018

Hi Friends, Long time no see!

I’ve been updating the blog weekly but can you believe it has been almost 7 months since my last post? While I would love to tell you an exciting, dramatic story about how I’ve been busy meeting my idols and falling in love with the most popular guy at my college, I can’t.


Because it would be a lie. An interesting lie, which would probably make a good script for a new TvN drama (Do you think they’ll accept an international scriptwriter?) But nope, it’s still a lie.

The only thing I’ve done these past few months is: go to school, hang out with my couch, watch dramas, and repeat.

Honestly, I accepted my fate as a couch potato a long time ago, but recently I upgraded myself to professional drama binge-watcher. You remember that old saying?

When life throws you good dramas, take them and find a comfy couch to enjoy them on.




(Seriously this song started playing while I was typing this. So I decided to include it!)


How R U Today? (Refer to pun above)

Did you have a fun summer? Also, have you been enjoying the 2018 dramas so far? I’m personally finding them to be hit-or-miss. Over the last few months, I’ve spent my time watching Idol survival shows and lots of Chinese dramas (I’ll spare you from my thoughts. For now).

In all seriousness (or as serious as I can get) I’ve been suffering from a bit of writer’s block. When I started this blog 2 years ago I started it because I’m an introverted potato who discovered this wonderful world of Kdramas and had no one to share it with. This blog was all about me, me, and oh yeah me.

Along the way, I started writing post that I thought would help others. It may seem weird but I enjoy being able to help others. I love writing articles addressing questions that I may have had when I started watching dramas and sharing what I’ve learned along the way. I love recommending shows, and hearing your thoughts once you’ve watched them.

Somewhere along the way, I started writing articles that I was sure would please others. I stopped writing articles that I enjoyed because they didn’t get a lot of views, or because they didn’t sound interesting. Instead, I would sometimes force myself to spit out articles that I wasn’t excited to write but I knew would be popular.

I lost direction of my blog, and I honestly didn’t know what kind of environment I wanted to create. My writing became very emotionless and wishy-washy. I didn’t want to offend others, and I kept trying to be a people pleaser (I seriously cringe when I read some of my older reviews).

But recently I came to a realization. I started this blog to share MY thoughts and opinions. I did this so I could meet new people, chat with others, and share my love for Asian dramas.

So long story short I’ve found my direction. Again. I’m ready to hop back on the blog and share my loud, obnoxious voice.


That means a few new changes…

Newsletter – Yep, I still don’t have one. BUT! I’m in the process of making a themed monthly newsletter that will feature drama recommendations, new music you should listen to, and blog updates. I hope you’ll go ahead and enter your email above (I promise I won’t spam you) so that you can be one of the first few to check out my newsletter!

Expanding– I love Kdramas but if you have been following my blog for a while, then you know I love ALL different types of Asian drama, music, and most importantly FOOD! I want to branch out and share with you more about my interest. Hopefully, I can encourage more people to become interested in new things! Plus I’ll be sticking to a new schedule with a post being released every Wednesday (Hurray!)

ME – Last, and most importantly that means you’ll get to know more about who? ME! I want to give you guys exactly what you didn’t ask for: My honest unedited opinions, and loud personality.




I hope to see you guys in the next post!

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