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K-Pop Comebacks – March 2017

March 31, 2017

Good Morning!

March has been another great month for K-pop! Now that the month is approaching its end, I decided to go ahead and review the new albums that were released. Besides group comebacks, there were quite a few rookie group debuts, and single releases. I’ll be talking about those in the K-pop Daebak March Edition. Today is all about comebacks!I was highly anticipating this month because many of my favorite groups were set to release albums this month. Do you know how hard it’s been having to wait for CNBlue, and Monsta X’s releases? I was okay waiting for B.A.P, only because it hasn’t been that long since their last release. I had high expectations for all these groups, and somehow, they were all better than I expected!

Highlight and Romeo were the only groups I didn’t have high expectations for but that is because I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never been a fan of these groups in the past and I don’t think that will change in the future. Since this is Beast’s first album since switching companies and changing their name I didn’t know if they were planning on changing their music style also.

I know their were a few trailers but I didn’t watch any of them so I just stayed in the dark.

These two groups were the only ones I were nervous about and although I didn’t like every song, the albums weren’t bad.With all that said, let’s start!


cnblue 7 cn album coverIt’s no secret that I love all the members of
CNBlue, but being honest sometimes I find their music can be a
hit or miss. I either like it or I don’t. This album really surprised me
because I found myself enjoying all of their songs. The only song that I didn’t
like was Manito. The vocals are great, and I love the strong guitar and bass
heard in the songs.  I’ve had this album
on replay, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to When I was
Young. This album stayed true to the CNBlue style, and it was great! This group
has a big fanbase in Japan but I’m hoping with this album they get even more
international recognition!


  1. When I was Young
  2. Between Us
  3. It’s You
  4. Royal Rumble
  5. Calling You
  6. Manito

I was really surprised to
hear that not only was this album unsuccessful in Korea, but that Got7 isn’t as
popular in Korea! I know they have a large international fanbase but I didn’t
know that they weren’t considered as popular in their own country. This album barely dented the Korean charts (such as melon) but they’re #1 on iTunes in the USA. In
true Kia fashion my favorite song ended up being different then the title song.
I liked some of the songs other than Never Ever, but I  found myself not caring about the others.
#7-8 were the only songs I disliked.
  1. Sign
  2. Never Ever
  3. Shopping Mall
  4. Paradise
  5. Go Higher
  6. Don’t Care
  7. Q
  8. Out

monsta x beautiful album coverHands down this was my favorite album released in March! As you guys know Monsta X is my first love. They were the first K-pop group I followed, so I always want to see this group succeed. This album offers different styles of music, from slower, high vocal songs to fast paced rap filled songs. The MV was also great, and the choreography was excellent! I keep finding myself putting the album on shuffle and listening to it over and over…

Monsta X

  1. Need U
  2. Calm Down
  3. Beautiful
  4. Last Page
  5. Miss You
  6. Incomparable
  7. Oi
  8. I’ll Be There
  9. All I Do
  10. Ready or Not 

B.A.P rose album cover bapI know I’ve said this
multiple time, but… I love this group! They always release great songs and the
music videos they make are always top quality! I love how B.A.P MV’s always
tell a story, and are similar to mini-movies. This album seemed to fall under rock
rather than dance/pop. The album also had  a lot of mixed reviews, and it’s understandable.
For example, my sister likes B.A.P but she didn’t like this album. In her
opinion there was too much guitar and too much rock. Wake Me Up reminds me of
Skydive so it seems to fit their style. Dystopia was definitely a different,
and new style for them. I loved that this group was willing to try a new style,
and I liked the change!


  1. Wake Me Up
  2. Dystopia
  3. Diamond 4 Ya

I went ahead and grouped
these two groups together because like I mentioned above these are groups that
I don’t usually listen to. I listened to a few songs by Highlight (Beast) and only a few stood out. On my Spotify playlist the only song I have by this
group is Yey. Romeo is the same. The only song I have by them is Miro. My
sister really likes the song nightmare, but in my opinion it wasn’t really
anything special. Although I listed all the songs according to my preference,
the only songs that I loved and saved onto my playlist were the #1 songs. I got
rid of the album after listening to it a few times. I wanted to love Highlight
since this was their comeback under a new group name, but that didn’t happen.
  1. Plz don’t be sad
  2. CanYou feel it
  3. Danger
  4. It’s Still Beautiful
  5. The beginning 
Romeo without u album cover
  1. Without U
  2. Hustle
  3. Like I Do
  4. Blue
  5. Focus on Me

Since I know some of you
guys are curious, here are my overall top 5 songs from March
1. Need U by Monsta X
2. When I was Young by CNBLue
3. Wake Me Up by B.A.P
4. Never Ever by Got7
5.Between Us by CNBlue
What do you guys think? Were
any of your favorite songs ranked high? This month has treated me so well, that
I can’t help but be excited to see what next month has to offer! 
Lastly if you
didn’t know already I have a Youtube channel full of K-pop playlist. All of
these songs are listed here under my March playlist. Let me know if your
interested in having the Spotify version of the list because I do have that available

P.S. Check out don’t forget to check out Feburary’s monthly round up! Here!


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