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K-Pop Daebak Week #5 – Weekly Faves

October 20, 2016

This week was all about revisiting the oldie but goldies! I had gone through my playlist and realized I hadn’t watched the music videos for more then half of the songs.  Since I had time I went to watch the music videos for some off the songs, but that just turned into a YouTube binge fest. This had me revisiting most of my previous favorites, and somehow finding new artist. It was a little surprising to see the different types of music I liked and listened to!

Monsta X was the first K-pop group I ever listened to, so I was really excited to go and watch the music videos and dance practices to some of my favorite songs. There not on the same level as EXO or BTS but somehow I still love them! For some reason I always end up picking them over the other 2! 

When Lotto came out I instantly loved the song, so I decided to watch the video later but I never got around to it. Oops. I did finally watch it and I loved it! I love that EXO has moved to the next level and began appealing to an older audience. I probably said all this with Monster also, but I can’t stress how much I love this change!

Also, this week I re-watched the Korean drama Entertainer, and I finally bought the soundtrack! I liked most of the songs but I See you is the my favorite! It’s such a beautiful song and when I did some research on Kang Min Hyuk I was surprising to learn that he was the drummer for CNBLue. The drummer, not the main vocalist. His voice is beautiful, so I was definitely disappointed to discover that. Hopefully there are a few CNBlue songs with him singing in it….

I’ve discovered some new singers, such as Blackpink and Kang Min-Hyuk. I’ve revisited some of my earlier likes with EXO and Monsta X. Let’s see what next week brings!

Whistle By Blackpink

I See You By Kang Min Hyuk

All In By Monsta X

Lotto By EXO

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