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Kia TV – The Day The Good Dramas Disappeared

February 4, 2018


Let’s rewind back to December when all these good kdramas came out. There were so many great kdramas that caught my eye at the time! I was so excited for 2018 and to see what was going to happen in these shows. I was so excited, I found myself doing something I usually don’t do. I watched the shows while they were currently airing, instead of waiting for it to end and binge-watching.

Now the first week of February has begun and I feel like all the good shows have all ended at the same time.

2018 isn’t off to a good start since I haven’t seen any new kdramas that have caught my eye. Instead of waiting for an interesting drama to appear on my screen, I’ve decided to go back through 2017 and watch any shows that I have missed! (Pssst~ Any suggestions? I’m willing to try anything~)

This is what has been playing on my screen throughout the month of January!


Currently Watching

Not as cute as Ji Chang Wook, but I like him.

Happy Sisters – How to describe this… self-inflicted torture? I don’t watch daily dramas often and now I remember why. This show is just beyond horrible! The characters are ignorant, the romance bland and the plot just makes me wish the company would fire the writer. The villains don’t even have a motive behind there action. Everything happens for no reason. And yet I find myself watching it every day when I get home. At the moment I find it entertaining but this week I plan on starting Love Returns. Hopefully, that one is better so I can drop this show. Fingers Crossed!

My Golden Life – Ugh. My first disappointment of 2018 (or technically 2017?). It started off so strong, but it’s going downhill so fast! I went in for the romance and strong characters, and now that’s about to be the same reason I quit. Romance? Psh~ What romance? All I found was a long time one-sided love that suddenly became mutual, a lead couple so stubborn that its kind of annoying, and a plot that has is losing purpose because of stupid characters. I’m slowly losing interest because I have no clue what direction the story is trying to go in. Is it trying to focus on the rich-to-rags storyline? Revealing a 20-year-old mystery? The development of immature characters? What is it trying to tell me?!

Money Flower- I swear Jang Hyuk is rising in ranks! I loved him in Beautiful Mind and Voice, and Money Flower just sealed the deal. He is now officially #2 on my favorite actor list! Every time I watch this show I can’t tear my eyes from the screen and I keep holding my breath whenever I think something major is about to happen. This show is filled with such excellent characters, plot twist, and an awesome anti-hero. I love the suspense and thrill this show gives week after week. I know that It ended a few days ago but I’m still too scared to watch the last episodes. I want to see how it ends, but I don’t want the show to finish. Why is life filled with such difficult choices?!

Cambrian Period- I’m shocked by how much I’ve been enjoying this show. The plot was a little weird at first but it quickly grabbed my attention and pulled me in. The plot reminds me of a Chinese Healer but instead of focus on the media, it focuses on the mafia. The lead couple didn’t seem like they would make an appealing couple, but wow was I wrong. The way they act around each other is adorably funny, and they have amazing chemistry. Luckily all the episodes have been released here, but it’s taking me three times longer to watch this show since I keep squealing and rewatching the romance scenes.



Me every week while watching this show

Black– Waste. Of. Time.

Tribes and Empires- I don’t think I quite ready to discuss my feelings on this show yet. It started off so epic and ended up being… Bad. So Bad. I mean I had to double check to make sure that I was watching the correct drama.

Somehow 18- How can something so short be so good? I mentioned this show on my 5 Adorable Webdramas You Should Be Watching List, and for good reason. This show is a must watch, not because Choi Min Ho is the lead actor (it is one reason though) but because of its DEEP storyline. There is a lot of plot packed into 2 episodes.

Go Back Couple- In the history of watching K-dramas, this is the second show where I actually wished the second male lead won the girl. The show was good, but it was hard for me to truly enjoy since I disliked the male lead. I kept hoping a miracle would happen and the second lead would step up and win the girl. It was cute, but I kept hoping for a different outcome,

Just Between Lovers – No doubt the Best.Show.Ever. (Well, it lands somewhere in the top 10) With all that’s going on in the South Korean Entertainment industry right now, I couldn’t help but appreciate this show more because it focuses on mental health. I spent every Sunday and Monday stalking the website until the subbed episode was released. Sometimes I couldn’t even wait and I had to watch it raw. I loved that this show was more than just an excellent romance. It was about a group of injured people learning from each other and truly beginning the process of healing. There was no insta-cure but instead, hope that everything would get better.



Plan To Watch

“Pick Me. Pick Me. Pick Me Up”

Longing Heart – Lee Jung Shin as the lead? Sold!

Korean Odyssey- Eventually. At this point, I have no idea when this show will actually finish but I’ll watch it then.

Bad Guys- I am physically in pain trying to wait to watch this! I loved the first part so much, and I was jumping for joy when they announced this second season. Sadly the subbing is very slow for this show so I might be waiting a few weeks after the show ends. I need to learn Korean.

Radio Romance- I think I plan on watching it? At this point, I’m getting mixed reviews about the show. While I usually watch shows with mixed reviews so that I can form my own opinion, I’m not ready to take a chance. If this show ends up being bad like Temperature of Love I will throw my laptop out of the window. Do you want to see me waste $800? I hope you said no because I REALLY can’t afford to.



They’re so cute! So why is this show so hard to watch?!!

Black Knight – I want to finish it, but I’m having trouble getting past episode 3. The plot is corny and boring. I’m hoping that it gets better but I’m too lazy to find out.

Nirvana in Fire 2– No! I refuse to watch this show right now! I was deeply in love with this show until some idiot spoiled the next few episodes in the comment section! Now I’m on strike until the show ends.




What shows have you recently finished watching? Any shows that are you are looking forward to watching? Let me know!

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