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Meet the New Kids: SF9

November 3, 2016


I just found out about these guys yesterday and I’m already in love! Their songs are great and the dancing skills are on point. I need to know more! Who are these beautiful men?
It all started yesterday when I was innocently browsing through Spotify. Spotify had provided me with another playlist of recommended songs, nonchalantly I began listening to it. I recognized most of the groups and songs listed but one group caught my eye. SF9. I had never heard of them before so I clicked on the song “Together”, and from there my future was changed


Ok, so maybe it wasn’t that dramatic but while listening to that song I couldn’t stop dancing. Apparently they are a new group that just debuted this month. They released a mini album last week with 3 songs, the title song being Fanfare.
Let just say that I loved all 3 songs. I still have fanfare playing on repeat! I was curious about the members so I went ahead and looked them up on YouTube and found the mv for fanfare. The song was already great, but seeing it paired with that great choreography and excellent dancing skills made it seem twice as better.


Watch and behold the amazing dance moves of these 9 men!!



By now it has become obvious that All K-Pop groups have beautiful member,  but something about the members of this group stood out. I don’t know why but a few of them seemed familiar. It wasn’t until I saw this face that I realized what it was.



Recognize him? You probably don’t. Okay then…




How about now? Recognize him?




It’s Chani! You know, Chani from click your heart? When Click your heart first came out Chani was the one actor that stood out to me. He was so cute, and such a good dancer. The show was supposedly promoting a dance group called Neoz but I never heard anything about them after that show aired. When I saw him in the show Signal I thought maybe he converted to acting instead. You won’t believe how surprised I was to see all those guys in this group!


To give you a little more information:
  • SF9 is a 9 member boy band under FNC entertainment
  • They were the winners of Mnet’s show Dance or Band
  • The leader is Kim Youngbin
  • The Maknae is Chani!!


So now here I am. I have officially found a new fandom and bias, but an ugly truth stares me in the face. I am a hoe. A K-pop hoe. Usually K-pop lovers have one favorite band, and a bias that they would fight to the death for. I have many bands that I love, and many biases I would fight for. I can’t stay loyal to just one group because my preferences change each week. God, what have I become?! How will I ever find a K-pop idol to marry?!

By the way if you haven’t done so yet, don’t forget to vote for you favorite groups and singers at the MAMA awards! Bye~

If have any recommendations or know of any newly debuted groups or singers let me know below!

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