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Monsta X The Clan pt. 2 Review

October 28, 2016


A mini review for a mini album. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Monsta X released their 4th mini album back on
the 4
th of October but since I’m forgetful I’m just now getting around to listening to it.
For those who don’t about this group, here’s a quick blurb.
Monsta X is a 7-member boy group formed by Starship Entertainment in 2015.
Their genres of music include hip hop but most of the songs are considered K-pop.
This group isn’t hugely popular but they do have a good fan following. If I had to compare there musical style to another boy group I would probably say they
resemble iKon the most. The music is similar in that they mix different genres but are heavily influenced by hip hop and rap. They also have advanced dancing skills and great choreography. 


Compared to this year the songs released in 2015 were more vocal-ish songs. I don’t like Rap music, but for some reason Monsta X always seems to be the exception. It’s probably because they have a great way of balancing it with great vocals. The members have great voices so If they were going to make a change to their music I wish they would have more songs that highlight the different members voices. Basically pass around the spotlight and hand out more solo parts! 


If I had to rank the songs on this album it would be
  1.   Queen
  2.  Fighter
  3. White Love
  4.  Blind
  5.  Roller Coaster
  6.   Be Quiet

Do I recommend listening this album? Yep!
I love this group, and I can’t wait to see them grow and develop more! I haven’t watched many of the music videos, for example 
I haven’t seen the music video for Fighter, but I’ll definitely start watching those soon. I’m sure the choreography is going to be awesome, and that they will display their awesome skills. I wouldn’t expect anything less of Monsta X!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Until Tomorrow!


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