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My Only Love Song Review

October 13, 2017



So I’ve been working my way down my must watch 2017 dramas list and I’ve finally made it My Only Love Song. I’ve been wanting to watch this show since it first came out but unlike most dramas you can’t find it online. It’s not an easy to show to find.

Well it’s actually easy to watch since all you need is Netflix and a screen to play it on, but since I forgot my Netflix logon watching this show became a big hassle. Also being that this show is a Netflix original may be another reason it took me so long to watch this show. I didn’t know what to expect, and there is nothing worse than wasting your time on a bad drama. I’ve watched a few Netflix original shows before and to be blunt they were horrible.

After resetting my password and finally being able to log back on I found myself checking out other shows (mostly Chinese dramas)  so I wasted a lot of time. But I did learn that Netflix has a nice Chinese and Korean drama selection!

And finally last week I finally managed to sit down and watch the entire show. Success! Dab!

I now regret not watching it sooner because My Only Love Song only has 20 episodes that are 30 mins each. As much time as I spent procrastinating I probably could’ve watched this show from beginning to end 2 or 3 times.  This show is a great, short, and quick remedy to any post drama blues! I was quickly drawn into this exciting story filled with quirky characters and funny events.


My Only Love Song Still
The secret to eternal youth

Overall My Only Love Song is a cute romantic comedy about Song Soo Jung (Gong Seung Yeon) a spoiled, hallyu actress who becomes fed up with her career and the people around her. Wanting to escape her life she is somehow transported from present time to the Goguryeo era. While trying to get herself out of trouble she meets On Dal (Lee Jung Hyun), a petty thief who will do anything for money.

Basically the show starts off as a crazy mess.

The pretty boy villain you loved to hate and hated to love

But its such a funny crazy mess that I loved and couldn’t help but be curious to see what will happen next. The situations the characters found themselves were unreal, and the villain took evil pretty boy to a whole new level. Also the story has many moments where it seems to parody other historical romances. This makes the plot seem so much more funny, and the romance so much more adorable.

The storytelling  and narration also makes this show different from from others because it almost resembles a comic book with all the graphics, captions, and special sound effects.

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As a HUGE fan of Cnblue I was jumping for joy when I heard Lee Jong Hyun was casted as the male lead. Not many people remember his role in Gentlemen’s Dignity but I loved watching him as Colin ,and his cute bromance with Kim Woo Bin. After watching him in  Orange Marmalade I was ready to see him move up to bigger (and better) roles.

Gong Seung Yeon has become one of my favorite actresses from 2017. Staring in Introverted Boss, and Circle all of her roles have captured my attention and so far she has proved how good she is.  Where as in those previous shows she was casted in more serious roles, My Only Love Song was much more lighthearted, and a nice change.

Seung Yeon is the only one who bring so much life to Song Soo Jung. She was that friend that every girl wants, and a lead we wish we could see more often. I quickly formed a love-hate relationship with Soo Jung. At first she came across as an arrogant actress who loved to be spoiled. She was loud, had no problem telling people off, and she never backed down from a fight. I disliked her arrogance and spoiled attitude but as I continued to watch the show I somehow ended up liking her for those same reasons. In modern times her personality made her seem like a crazy lady, but in the historical time it made her seem like a strong woman who took no nonsense.

The piggyback ride is a romance drama MUST HAVE

Every episode of was filled with her crazy antics and I found myself dying from laughter because of all the trouble she caused. I couldn’t help but feel bad for On Dal since this troublemaker was the woman he fell in love with.

Which speaking of the romance…

Seeing how Seung Yoon and Jong Hyun were matched in We Got Married I knew that they were a great couple, but I was still shocked by their chemistry!

All the skinship and touches seemed natural, so much so that it seemed like they weren’t even acting and that were really in a relationship . And the kisses? 9 out of 10 on the hotness meter (Queen in Hyun’s man is a great example of 10/10). One of my favorite moments is the scene in episode 17 where they share a (one of many) deep kiss. I mean there was nothing naughty about that kiss but I had to cool myself off after watching that scene.

They are steaming up the windows
Fighting for a romance that can’t be

At first the romance was light and adorable, but as the plot thicken so did the romance. Watching On Dal fight the world in order to keep his love. Soo Jung fight for a romance that could not exist. It was beautiful.  It reminded me why I love watching historical romance dramas. There actions where filled with so much tenderness and affection I was begging the writer to let them end up together.

The side romance also had me screaming in frustration and praying for a happy ending. This story had me crying at one point because this story was much more tragic than the main couples and the relationship less likely to succeed. After watching the little group of 5 misfits joke around and get in and out of trouble together I couldn’t help but want everyone to end up happy.

The ending wrapped up the show nicely but it still left a lot of questions. If I had to complain about one thing in this entire show it would be exactly that. The show does not give us a lot of answers and many times I was left stunned by random occurrences that never got a proper explanation.

For example After 10 mins of post drama happiness my bubble burst and I realized one important question that was never answered. Why did the time traveling occur in the first place?


I’m going to miss this funny cast of characters

Overall despite the few WTF moments, unexplained incidents, and no true explanation of why they are brought back in time this show was amazing. The romance is on point,  the plot kept me wondering what will happen next, and I fell in love with every character (even the flamboyant villain). I definitely plan on re-watching this in the future and I will no doubt will be recommending this to others. It’s a great drama and like other short shows it leaves you wanting more.


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