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Reasons Why I love EXO

October 1, 2016


Hello, World. My name is Kia, and I have a confession to make. Recently I have fallen in love with EXO (well until I stumble upon the next best group) and because of that I haven’t listened to any other K-pop groups.

Ever since I started listening to K-pop, I’ve learned one important thing,

K-pop ruins you. No matter your age it somehow makes you start acting like a 14 year-oId fangirl.  am 21 years old, but I’ve recently I’ve been acting like a crazed teen. I remember looking at all those fangirls in high school and laughing. Spending all day internet stalking, attending concerts, and buying fan products seemed crazy. I may not be at that level (yet) but my worst nightmare came true.

I’ve became… a fangirl!

 Falling in love with EXO

They have all of EXOs albums, and many playlist that feature their songs. The first EXO song I heard was “Unfair” and honestly I didn’t like the song at first. The first boy band that caught my attention was actually Monsta X and their music style is much different. The only reason I became interested in EXO was because I watched EXO next door. Within the first few minutes of the first episode I felt my heart go “ba-thump” (just like the main character in a k-drama).

I wish more groups had shows like this. EXO next door is not only a fun show to watch but its also a great way to become introduced to the members of the group! I watched a EXO showtime, and that really made me more interested in the members! It was a little awkward though because I had started to fall in love with Tao, but then I found out he had left the group.

I was a little late figuring that out…

After watching this show and some of their other reality shows I decided to go check out their music again. From there it was insta-love. 

Not only is it fun watching them interact but I have also many songs I love by them!

Top Songs:

  1. Unfair (my all time favorite now!)
  2. Growl
  3. On the snow
  4. They never know
  5. Lightsaber

Their songs aren’t the only good thing! Like every boy group all the members are gorgeous! They’re all so cute and honestly when I found out that most of them were single I almost bought a plane ticket to Korea.

It doesn’t end there. I was on Yesasia and I saw that they had a lot of cute band accessories and limited edition posters. I put them in my cart, but I decided not to buy them last minute. 

I’m way to broke for that.


Do you have any groups that you love or enjoy listening to? Can you relate?

From the mind of a lost and confused female,


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