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My top 6 best rookie groups of early 2017

May 17, 2017
We’re not even halfway through the year and I’ve already discovered and started following six rookie groups. I love looking for and listening to new rookie groups, because its kind of like discovering a secret. Not many people know about them, so it becomes your own private source of enjoyment. Its fun watching them grow and develop into popular groups (reminds me of when I first discovered Neoz School and SF9. Now look at them!). It gives you the proud parent feeling. Da Feeling~
Today I’m going to share my secrets, and tell you about my favorite rookie groups of 2017 (so far).
I have listed all the basic information and debuting mv for each group. I’ve also included some thoughts. I’m definitely not a  expert judge (if I was then you  probably would’ve seen me on Produce 101 already) but these are my feelings and observations. You may or may not agree with what I say. The groups aren’t listed in any specific order.
Once you finish this guide, take a second and let me know which group was your favorite!
Let’s Begin!


Debut Song – “Ur My Only One”
12 members
Global K Center
Jan. 3, 2017
First Album – Round One
My new favorite rookie group!! I loved this song and the mv seemed to be better than most debuting mv’s usually are. No doubt they have a lot members, so learning names and faces is going to be a little hard. At times when I was watching the mv I started to feel overwhelmed because there were so many people to look at! The formations and breakdowns made it easier to watch though. I  loved the choreography,  the various colors and different backgrounds,  the multiple  outfits. It was all great and it made the video enjoyable! I also love their other song, Hole in One! This one allows us to see their cute and playful side!

Ur My Only One

Hole in One


Debut Song-“Very Very Very”
(not fourteen-you. It one-four-you)
14 memebers
BG Entertainment
April 17, 2017
Side Note- They will have 2 Units- X Team, and L Team
This group reminded me of 2 other groups. It reminded me of EXO (Call Me Baby) because of the one shot style filming (which I love), and Seventeen because of the massive amount of people!  I don’t mind big groups, but I  wish the members wore different clothing. They styled the outfits a little differently for some members but overall they all had the same outfit. It makes hard for individual members to stand out. How am I suppose to recognize people? They all blended together!

Very Very Very


Debut Song -” She”
7 members
JSL Company
Jan 7, 2017
First of all they are so darn cute!! The beginning of the song had me thinking of Maroon 5 (american band). The choreo was cute  and the members were cuter! I wouldn’t say the choreo was difficult but those guys danced in a very precise and neat way. I loved the aesthetics and the outfits. The coloring and outfits reminded me of the popular, prince characters found in K-dramas.

If I had to compare them to another group I would say they’re like a cross between Astro and Seventeen. The group concept focuses on cute, younger boys like Astro, while the music and vocals reminded of Seventeen. The members are older, so I doubt they’ll hang onto this concept for long. I enjoyed it though. It was like walking into a garden of flower boys!


Seven O’Clock

Debut Song -” Echo”
6 members
Mar 16,2017
Staro Entertainment
First Album – Butterfly Effect
I liked the song, but not much else. The choreography was lacking (They looked a little sloppy at times), but then again its not like they had many scenes showing them dancing. 95% of this mv was focused on individual scenes. Its nice that they wanted to highlight each member, but gosh! You barely saw them together and every scene kept switching backgrounds and to another person.

This video also got on my nerves with all the pointless walking, and staring at the camera while running scenes. Let me summarize the video:


(for 45-60 sec) Look at how beautiful I am as I aimlessly walk around this empty town.

(25-45 sec) Now watch as I stare into your soul, instead of looking where I’m running. (final 20-40 sec)Finally look at how awesome and beautiful our friendship is. We no longer run alone, we run together. And stare at the beautiful sunset.

The End.

This is an example of a weak debuting mv. The producer really couldn’t have made a better story line?

I would definitely listen to their music in the future, but I might skip on watching the mv.



Debut Song – “Yeah”
7 members
Mar 3, 2017
Jackpot Entertainment
First Album – Prism
I don’t know what they meant when they said I just want to Yeah Yeah, but they made it look cool so I’ll join them! I LOVED THE CHOREO! Pelvic thrusting, the solo b-boying dance moves, and the cool formations. They get the award for best rookie Choreo!  In regards to their appearance they kept it simple by wearing the same outfit. I loved that they looked clean and sexy. No wild hairstyles or outfits.

Yeah Yeah Yeah



Debut Song -“Take It”
7 members
Mar, 13, 2017
PH Entertainment
First Album – Manifest

I love the high energy! You could hear it in the vocals and see it in the choreo. You can tell that they are very skilled dancer (can’t wait to see more dancing mv’s). All my attention was on the  pretty faces, and great choreo. Some of those outfits looked stupid, but somehow the members made them look good. The power of beautiful people….

Take it

As you can see, there are many groups that I’m looking forward to seeing in the future! I’m very curious to see which groups you fell in love with and want to see more of. I can’t wait to see the other debuting groups this year!

See Ya~

P.S. – Check out my Rookie Groups of 2017 Pinterest Board!

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