• Kia TV – The Day The Good Dramas Disappeared

    February 4, 2018 Willkia17

      Let’s rewind back to December when all these good kdramas came out. There were so many great kdramas that caught my eye at the time! I was so excited for 2018 and to see what was going to happen in these shows. I was so excited, I found myself doing something I usually don’t do. I watched the shows while they were currently airing, instead of waiting for it to end and binge-watching. Now the first week of February…

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  • Kia TV: What I’m Watching in October

    October 15, 2016 Willkia17

      Good Morning! Today I come to you from the comfort of my bed! Fall break has started and I plan on taking advantage of my next 4 days off and watching lots of K-Drama! Today I decided to go ahead and update you guys on what I have just finished watching, am currently watching, and plan on watching. With the shows I just finished watching I’ll leave a quick review and some of my thoughts. I rarely write long…

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