• Into the New World (Again)

    October 3, 2018 Willkia17

    Hi Friends, Long time no see! I’ve been updating the blog weekly but can you believe it has been almost 7 months since my last post? While I would love to tell you an exciting, dramatic story about how I’ve been busy meeting my idols and falling in love with the most popular guy at my college, I can’t. Why? Because it would be a lie. An interesting lie, which would probably make a good script for a new TvN…

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  • Annoying Questions Every Kpop Fan Has Been Asked

    February 28, 2018 Willkia17

      Song of the day- “Hate” by 4Minute This story begins on a rainy, Monday afternoon. The air was cold, the sky pouring rain. I was sitting in the library chatting with my study group when it suddenly happened. A girl (whos-name-I-have-forgotten) noticed the adorable BTS keychain on my backpack (as seen in the picture). Innocently she asked me who were the guys on my pillow. Like any good missionary, I was more than happy to convert another person, and introduce them…

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