• Friends, Love & Adulting: Girls Generation 1979 and Age Of Youth 2 Kdrama Reviews

    October 29, 2017 Willkia17

        Filled with friends, love and adulting these past few weeks have really made me wonder what it means to be an adult. And about the obstacles we must face to get there. Girls Generation 1979 and Age of Youth 2 have accomplished something even my parents can’t get me to do. Think about the future. Both of these shows have managed to top my 2017  best drama list and made me want to appreciate my friends more. But…

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  • My Only Love Song Review

    October 13, 2017 Willkia17

        So I’ve been working my way down my must watch 2017 dramas list and I’ve finally made it My Only Love Song. I’ve been wanting to watch this show since it first came out but unlike most dramas you can’t find it online. It’s not an easy to show to find. Well it’s actually easy to watch since all you need is Netflix and a screen to play it on, but since I forgot my Netflix logon watching…

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  • Seven Days a Queen Review: The Amazing Boat Race

    August 8, 2017 Willkia17

      I have a weird analogy for you. What do boat racing and Seven Days a Queen have in common? There are multiple boats/ships sailing, The race between said ships keeps you on the edge of your seat it’s unpredictable, it’s hard to cheer for just one boat because let’s face it. Nobody likes to be the unhappy loser. This show made me all sorts of crazy with the multiple ships and the unpredictable changes in the plot. This show…

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  • Tunnel Kdrama Review

    July 25, 2017 Willkia17

      The journey is finally over and all has been revealed. I have many mixed feelings on this show, so it took me a while to figure what to say.  It’s always awkward when you watch a popular show, but don’t fall in love. Yeah, each person has their own opinion, but it still makes me think that maybe I missed something. Anyways! Let’s get to the review. Tunnel Kdrama Review In 1986, Park Gwang Ho works as an excellent…

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  • Strong Woman Bong Soon Drama Review

    April 17, 2017 Willkia17

      This show is a prime example of why I hate watching drama’s while they air. When watching a completed show you know how the show ends, and if it is worth the watch. With currently airing shows you don’t know how the show is going to turn out. All you can do is watch and if the plot starts to go downhill, pray that the plot will miraculously become better. When it does you feel proud of yourself. When…

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