• 6 Short K-Dramas You Can’t Miss

    June 8, 2017 Willkia17

    Ever been to a birthday party, and saw a really delicious cake? The birthday girl/boy blows out the candles, and everyone grabs a slice to enjoy. You finish eating your slice, thinking how delicious it was, and decide to get another one. But when you look up, the cake is all gone. This how I like to view short dramas. They’re great to watch but its not always enough. Sometimes they’re better than regular length shows because the plot is…

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  • 6 Upcoming Kdramas You Should Be Watching – June 2017

    May 21, 2017 Willkia17

      Summer is quickly approaching, which for most of us this means more free time and more time to spend watching Korean dramas! June is filled with many great, new K-Drama releases and many shows staring popular idols and actors! It seems like it will be a great start to summer! Also starting next month it seems as if Netflix will be showing more currently airing Korean dramas! Now you can watch your favorite dramas from the comfort of your…

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