• 7 2017 K-Dramas That You Can’t Miss or Are Worth The Skip

    January 2, 2018 Willkia17

        2017 was a year filled that filled me with mixed feelings. For every drama that I loved there seemed to be 2 other dramas that I disliked. It took me weeks and many attempts to finish a lot of shows that were released this year. Many shows were just plain boring and I couldn’t help noticing kept noticing that many shows shared similar plot lines. The earlier part of 2017 was filled with many excellent shows but once…

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  • Seven Days a Queen Review: The Amazing Boat Race

    August 8, 2017 Willkia17

      I have a weird analogy for you. What do boat racing and Seven Days a Queen have in common? There are multiple boats/ships sailing, The race between said ships keeps you on the edge of your seat it’s unpredictable, it’s hard to cheer for just one boat because let’s face it. Nobody likes to be the unhappy loser. This show made me all sorts of crazy with the multiple ships and the unpredictable changes in the plot. This show…

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