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VIXX Shangri-La EP Review

May 16, 2017


VIXX just dropped their new album yesterday, and you would have been shocked at how quickly I downloaded it from iTunes. It was almost inhuman!

It been about 6 months since they released the album (or EP if you want to be technical) Kratos. I loved the song Closer and while I can’t say I understood the meaning behind the mv, I still enjoyed the cool still shots! I was kind of expecting this release to be a follow up to the Fantasy and Closer songs, so imagine my surprise. It looks like this song might lead to another series of mv’s so I better get to reading those fan theories. I will admit that I love the Chinese theme for this Ep! From the cover to the Chinese instrumental twangs in the song. I’m a big fan of traditional Chinese clothing and art, so I fell in love immediately. The mv also did a great jVIXX Shangri-La MVob sticking  to the theme and not being a hot mess.

In my opinion VIXX has a different style of music that makes them stand out from other groups.  It’s hard to explain but the tone in their recent albums is more mature and serious. The vocals are softer, and the rap isn’t loud or to fast. Instead of having complex choreography, they have a more simple and contemporary style of dance.

Song Rank:

  1. Shangri-La
  2. 1,2,3,4,5
  3. To Us
  4. Black Out
  5. Into the Void

I honestly didn’t care for the song Into the Void, but I know myself. If I listen to it again in a few days, I’ll probably find myself liking it.

And can I just take another moment to fangirl over that mv? The costumes, props, backgrounds… AMAZING! I loved all symbolism (didn’t understand it, but still) and how it was aesthetically appealing. The boys looked gorgeous as usual, and the choreo was slow, sensual, and a great fit to the song.

N’s solo contemporary dVIXX Shangri-La MVance was a surprise, but he looked beautiful (and so was that robe).





Hongbin had me laughing. A flower boy surrounded by flowers. Never would’ve thought of that.





VIXX Shangri-La MV

Leo’s sexiness and soul searching gaze had me thinking dirty thoughts




VIXX Shangri-La MV

Ravi still looks like that hot bad boy your mama told you not to talk to




VIXX Shangri-La MV

Ken just looked cute and huggable




VIXX Shangri-La MV

Hyuk reminded me of the actors from historical Chinese dramas. The late night walk in the garden and the encounter with the sexy, brooding male.



As you can tell, I loved this album! This is probably the first release in May that I’ve enjoyed! (Nothing against Twice. I’m just not a big fan of girl groups)

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the EP as much as I did, and will support the group by purchasing your own copy! Or just do what I do and go on iTunes. Whichever.

Let me know which song was your favorite, and which member caught your eye!



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