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10 Episodes of Running Man you must watch

March 21, 2017

Hey Peeps!
If you follow me on Pintrest then you should already know that I am a huge fan of Running Man (If you don’t follow me then please click on that tiny, pretty button at the bottom of the post!).

Running Man is a great variety show and definitely one of my go-to shows when I need a good laugh, or when I want to learn more about certain idols or celebrities! The challenges and missions that are given to the cast are always interesting, and make me laugh. A lot of times it brings me to the point I can’t even breathe because I’m laughing so hard.

Every person has there own opinion on what episodes are the best, and today I’ll be showing you mine. These are episodes that made me fall in love with Running man and can make me laugh no matter how many times I watch them. If you have never watched Running Man and are new to variety shows, welcome! I am always willing to help the new kid on the block, so if you have any questions or want any recommendations then let me know.
For this list I mentioned the guests, the best games in the episode, and the funny moments. I also listed the episode number and air date, because looking for the episodes can be a hassle. For example if you watch this on Dramafever the episode numbers aren’t correct so you have to find the episodes by using the dates. If you watch this on kissasian then I recommend going according to the episode number.
Without further delay, I present my top 10 episodes!

 Episode 104 – Idol Olympics (07/22/12)

Guest:  Nichkun (2PM), Si-Wan (ZE:A), Eun-Hyuk (Super Junior), Ham Eun-Jeong (T-ara), Jung Yong-Hwa (CNBlue), and Lee Joon (MBLAQ)
Highlight: The Olympic themed games, and the intense game of name tag elimination
Funny Moments: The whole episode was one big laugh fest but the moments that stood out to me have to be Kwang Soo’s Theme song, Coach Jongkook making an appearance, and Gary in a box. Also not be a fangirl, but look at these faces! The cuteness of these idols make the episode 10x better.

Episode 133-134 Destination Macau (03/17/13 & 03/24/13)

Guest: Han Hye-Jin and Lee Dong-Wook
Highlight: Macau Tower
Funny Moments: This is a two part episode but I didn’t care for the second. The first part had the most funny moments. Such as Lee Dong-Wook treating the 1st mission as a chase scene worthy of any detective show; Song Ji-Hyo, Han Hye-Jin and Lee Dong-Wook bungee jumping from 233m, HaHa having a mental breakdown during the sky walk, and Gary losing his cool.

Episode 182 Hong Kong’s Fan Race (01/26/14)

Guest: Do-Hee (Tiny-G), Si-wan. Yeo Jin-Goo
Highlight: The obstacle on the acupuncture mat, the water games, and name tag elimination
Funny Moments: Now I might seem biased by mentioning this episode (I LUV Jin-Goo!), but I promise there are great scenes! Watching Jae-Suk trying to show off in front of Jin-Goo on a diving board, the famous acupuncture mat, Gary and Kwang-Soo in a horse suit destroying the obstacle course, Kwang-Soo being mercilessly attacked, and eliminated from the name tag elimination.

Episode 195 I am MC Yoo(05/11/14)

Guest: 2NE1, 2PM, Muzie, Yoon Jung-Shin, and Jo Jung-Chi
Highlight: The relay race through Seoul, and name tag elimination
Funny moments: Jae-Suk’s ugly shirt, Kwang-Soo and Koala Jong-Shin, Gary forgetting the “baton”, and taking off in a fuuny (yet fast) run,  the potato costumes, all these old men trying to figure out how to win the name tag elimination and failing (hilariously)

Episode 186 Seoul’s Faces (02/23/14)

Guest: CNBlue, Shim Eun-Kyung
Highlight: Food Market challenge, Word Game, and Picture Challenge
Funny Moments: Where do I even Start? Getting to see Kwang-Ja, and Jong-sookie again, everyone throwing a tantrum once they succeeded the first mission (yep you read this right. They where mad that they won. That’s a first), CNBlue singing the cable car song, the girl that couldn’t stop staring at CNBlue and almost made Ji-Hyo & Co lose, and I could just go on forever.

Episode 240 Protect the 20-year-old Big Nose (03/29/15)

Guest: Kang Ha-Neul, Kim Woo-Bin. and Junho (2PM))
Highlight: Karaoke, and the terrifying name tag elimination
Funny Moments: Most of these funny moments are at the expense og Ha-Neul. During trivia when he was causing his team to lose, during Ha-Neul and Woo-Bin’s karaoke performance, and when he was walking alone and scared during name tag elimination. Well to be honest everyone was freaking out, but that was because of the name tag hunters. Seeing how much work the cast had to do to make big nose a winner, and his ending betrayal is what had me dying from laughter.

Episode 250 (06/07/15)

Guest: Big Bang
Highlight: Basketball game in the stream, and last round obstacle courses
Funny Moments: The usual things that occur when Big Bang shows up. Everyone being intimidated by their coolness, Daeseung being himself, Haha trying to imitate Taeyang, The big bang members pushing there head through plastic wrap (that was a scene straight out of the movie Alien), the entire basketball game but most importantly Kwang-Soo and Gary taking members pants, and Jongkook getting stripped naked.

Episode 271-272  100 vs 100 (11/1/15) and (11/08/15)

Guest: Way to many for me to list
Highlight: The RM members having to trick invite guest to participate in the ultimate Name tag elimination game
Funny Moment: From the moment the RM members were introduced to their competitors and given the challenge I couldn’t catch my breath. First they had to basically everyone they knew to find people to help them with the mission. Of course Kwang-Soo appeared to be the unloved child. They ended up inviting so many celebrities and Idols! Once the guest saw who they were up against they tried to escape. Some tried the old fashion I”m going to the bathroom excuse, and it almost worked. Their reactions were priceless! That last game had me dying! In one scene they had a 60 year old women going against one of the olympic judo athletes!!

Episode 314 (08/28/2016)

Guest: Hong Jong-Hyun, Kang Ha-Neul. and Lee Joon Gi
Highlight: Everything!
Funny Moments: EVERYTHING! From the games they played, to the way the cast acted they give you no time to breathe. Some of my favorite moments though include Gary, Kwang-Soo, and Suk Jin acting like…themselves. Man did they fail in this episode. Also it was interesting to see a different side of Joon-Gi. Did you know he loves superheroes?

Bonus: Episode 261 (08/23/15) 

I didn’t really care for the entire episode, but the second part was great! Basically the RM members have to go into a haunted house and carry out a mission with their VJ’s (cameraman). The cast and their personal VJ’s are sent in and  have to search the haunted house for their name tag’s. They can’t leave until they are found. One can leave the other if they have found their own name tag, so this also like a loyalty test. Even though you can leave, will you stay and help the other person? No. This is Running Man, what did you expect  (It was funny watching the cameraman abandon their partners).

You made it to the end! I hope this list will encourage you to watch Running Man, and support the cast! Let me know if you have seen any of these episodes and if you agree with this list!

See ya!

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