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30 K-pop questions for Fangirls – Answered!

April 16, 2017



30 K-pop questions? Challenge accepted! I’ve noticed that I haven’t really talked about myself, and because of this you guys might consider me a stranger. I started this blog not only so that I can talk about my love of K-pop and K-drama, bur also so I could meet new people!

I’ve probably mentioned before but the only person I can talk to about Korean entertainment is my laptop. None of my friends enjoy it, so I only have you guys to socialize with!

I answered 30 K-pop questions about my interest, and my favorites. These are all my personal opinions, so you may or may not agree. I hope a few you will discover that you have the same answer! If you also participated in this challenge, post a link so I can read all about you!


  1. Your favorite K-Pop Guy Group– If you read my article “6 Reasons I’m a bad fan girl than you know that I don’t have a #1 group. I have many groups that I like, but my favorite group changes weekly. This week my favorite group is Monsta X.
  2. Your favorite K-pop girl group– I like many girl groups, but the one group that I love listening to is Red Velvet
  3. You ultimate K-pop guy bias Nichkun (2PM)
  4. Your ultimate K-pop girl Bias– Taeyeon
  5. Any other K-pop guy Bias– Chanyeol (Exo) He reminds me of a baby monkey! I always refer to him as my little monkey.
  6. Any other K-pop girl bias– CL (2NE1)
  7. Favorite K-pop song by bias guy group– Tie between Ex-Girl and Stuck
  8. Favorite K-pop song by bias girl group– Dumb Dumb
  9.  A k-pop song that makes you cry/sad– Spring Day by BTS. Every time I hear V sing “Your my best friend” I feel like busting into tears.
  10. A K-pop song that makes you happy/smile– Feel so Good by B.A.P. I play this song right before and after every test
  11. Favorite K-pop dance– Not Today by BTS
  12. Favorite K-pop music video by both girl and boy bias group: Guy Group: All In / Girl Group: Ice Cream and Cake
  13. Favorite k-pop music video of all time: Skydive by B.A.P Its like a mini movie, and I love the dancing parts!
  14. First K-pop song you heard– Alive by VIXX; When I first starting watching K-drama I didn’t listen to K-pop or know anything about it. Once I watched Moorim School and heard this Vixx song it all changed.
  15. K-pop group that you hate: I don’t have any groups that I hate, but I do have a few I dislike. The group  I don’t listen to because I don’t like any of their songs would be Twice
  16. A k-pop idol that you wish was your older brother– Eric Nam; He’s so dorky and nice! He always makes me laugh and he has a very playful personality.
  17. A k-pop idol that you wish was your older sister– Amber (F(x)), Do I need to explain? She’s just awesome!
  18. 18 A k-pop idol that you wish was your younger brother– Yungyeom (Got7) He’s like a cute, quiet giant.
  19. A k-pop idol that you wish was your younger sister– IU; I may not be her biggest fan but she very playful and fun to watch.
  20. Favorite pictures of your favorite k-pop guy groups I have a pinterest board full of those
  21. Favorite pictures of your favorite kpop girl groups Can’t say I have any…
  22. Most underrated k-pop artist/group member–  B.A.P; Their music is similar to BTS, so I don’t understand why they aren’t popular. They have so many great songs, and MV’s! I feel that they don’t get the recognition they deserve.
  23. Favorite cover by K-pop artist of American/English song– SF9 “Step by Step”. I’m a 90’s baby so I’m a sucker for those older american boy bands. SF9 added a few changes to make it fit their performance, but it still had the same feel.
  24. A k-pop song that you never get tired of“Selfish & Beautiful by Block B – Bastrz. It’s just so catchy. To me its like the Korean version of Call Me Maybe.
  25. Best K-pop song for dancing to– Fire by BTS and That’s my Jam by B.A.P. In the morning when getting ready for school or work you can usually find me bouncing around my room, and dancing to these songs.
  26. Favorite hairstyle of K-pop guy bias That’s hard… He looks good in any style!
  27. Favorite hairstyle on k-pop girl bias I like Taeyeon with blonde hair best! I mentioned this in a previous post also!
  28. Favorite k-pop “bromance”- G.D and Taeyang. They are so adorable together, and they’re always making each other laugh. Plus the nice things they’re always saying about each other is beautiful. Da Feels~
  29. K-pop artist that you look up to– CL; I don’t really have any idols that I admire, but I do think highly of CL. She’s very ambitious, and trying to make a name for herself abroad. She’s not afraid to be different, and stand out in a crowd. She doesn’t fit the image of the sterotypical korean female, and I love how she doesn’t try to change herself, but rather embraces it.
  30. K-pop Idol with the best smile– Onew (Shinee). His smile brightens the world!

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