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5 Adorable Webdramas You Should Be Watching

January 2, 2018



With it being winter break I have all the time in the world to binge watch series that I’ve been dying to watch. I keep saying I’m going to watch shows such as Witch’s Court and Radiant Office but for some reason it never happens. Instead I keep finding myself watching webdramas!

Something about short dramas just keeps me coming back for more. The short, sweet, and to the point plots and the new actors we encounter are my top 2 reasons. I wrote another article 2 months ago about some of my favorite webdramas so this will be part 2. With as many webdramas as I’ve been watching you’ll probably be seeing a part 3 pretty soon.

Let’s begin!



Somehow 18

This show was on my radar for a long time, and after months of waiting DramaFever finally released it! (Note- It’s technically 10 episodes that run 15 minutes but Dramafever just combined it into two 1 hour long episodes)

The story follows the life of a doctor struggling to live after the death of his first love in high school. He somehow gets another chance and is magically brought back in time in order to save her. During his mission to save her, he discovers the reality of the sad life she lived.

The main couple Choi Min Ho and Lee Yoo Bi delivered such great heartfelt performance. The feelings they had for each other was more than just love. They both met during hard times in their life and because of that it felt as if they could relate to each other. The drama isn’t filled with kisses and touches but rather emotional bonding. It’s a touching story with a beautiful meaning behind it. Although it only has 2 episodes there is a lot of plot and story is packed in.

This show is great for those who are looking for more than a lighthearted romance.



Girl’s Love Story

This is definitely a simple show that does not get enough attention! A romantic comedy about 4 women who fall in love with the same man and form a odd friendship after being abandoned. All of the actresses are new or lesser known but they are all gorgeous and hilarious! The show mostly focuses on the girls friendship and mischief that the girls cause. The story also focuses on the developing romance of one of the woman, and wow was it hot! This romance was filled with lots of kissing, accidental one night stands, and lying.

The show is lighthearted, filled with laugh out loud moments and it is definitely worth the watch!



Falling For Do Jeon

A story about a timid college student who works as a clown because he loves making people laugh. One day he meets a weird girl who believes in living life to the fullest and accomplishing all her dreams. Somehow he finds himself a member of her strange club, and falling in with this crazy girl.

Not going to lie the clown scenes creeped me out at first (I don’t like clowns) but once you get past that the story is very cute. As a student or young adult I think everyone can relate to have dreams that you can’t fulfill. I love how the story focused on this odd ball group of friends helping each other to achieve their dreams. There isn’t any major character growth, or deep meaning behind the story. Rather this is just a simple story of a group of young adults enjoying their youth before taking there first steps into the “real world”.

The relationship between Kim So Eun and Xiumin was very entertaining to watch because of there polar opposite personalities. The romance didn’t really start to develop until the last few episodes but it was funny and very satisfying watching them end up together.



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Go Ho’s Starry Night

This show is no doubt my one of my favorite webdramas! A funny romance story about a office worker who life is turned upside down when an ex begins working at job. Suddenly it seems as if every man in her workplace has become interested in her!

The romance was great, but the main reason I love this show so much is because of the male leads! There are about 6 men trying to woo are lovely female lead and basically keep all the other guys away. The office workers are already hilarious but watching as the guys chased each other was what made me love this show more.

Although there is a rather large male cast, only 2 of the men are actual competitors and the plot keeps you guessing as to who she is going to end up with.


The Boy Next Door

I just finished this show last week, and this show has become a new favorite! A great comedy about 2 guys who live next door and there weird bromance.

This show will have you laughing from beginning to end. The story is similar to a parody with the male leads getting into strange situations, and random things happening. The show has a funny way of showing the audience this budding bromance, but to the other characters it just appears to be a homosexual relationship. There are plenty of times when the guys are just hanging out and random romantic music start playing in the background.

Mostly focused on the characters rather than a deep plot, Boy Next Door is a great show to watch if you are looking for good comedy!

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