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6 Reason’s I’m a horrible fan girl

March 24, 2017

Hello Everyone!
Today I was going to post an album reviews for B.A.P, CNBlue, and Got7 but I’m having a hard time deciding on my favorite songs so I decided that I’ll post that tomorrow. Today I want to do a follow up to my previous post (here) and talk about being a K-pop fan! I already mentioned that I’m a horrible fan, but today I wanted to make a mini post that can explain why I said that.

Before I go into the post I want to share some good news! Well its good to me and kind of minor for you. But anyways…
Are you ready?
Don’t Laugh!
I Got my first comment! Ok, so haha, that may seem stupid to you guys but that is SUPER important to me. It let’s me know that yes, people are reading my blog, and that yes, they are liking what they read. It also gives me a way to talk with new people, because honestly the only friend that I can talk about K-pop with is my laptop. When I saw my very first comment, I felt really happy! Thank You SpaceyStacey!

There are many reasons I’m not good at being a fangirl, but here are my main 6 reasons:

1. I’m never loyal to any specific group

A loyal fan, supports their one and only
Who made this rule? There’s only one of me and way to many great groups to choose from! Can’t I have them all? I’m not ready to settle down! (This indecisiveness is probably one of the reasons I don’t have a boyfriend…)

2. I love them all, so of course I have multiple biases

“You don’t choose your bias, your bias chooses you”
I understand that a bias is suppose to be the person that steals your heart, and attention. But how do you decide on just one person? Often in groups I find myself eyeing more than one member. In every boy group I have 2 members that I love equally. I have a hard time choosing one and sticking with that choice. Don’t worry, there’s enough Kia to go around (ゝڡ◕)


3. I never remember the members names

Friend: Did you watch that new episode of weekly idol with Taemin and his group?
Me: Yeah? (Oh crap who’s that?)
Friend: You don’t know who that is or what group I’m talking about do you?
Me: Yeah I do, that’s the guy from Exo!
Me: Infinite?

This a really sad confession, but if a group has more than 4 members I have a hard time remembering all their names. I seriously can only remember about 2-3 members per group. Some groups I listen to frequently, but I still can’t name one member. For example I love B.A.P but I can’t name a single member. How do you expect me to memorize every member from every group that I listen to? Its just not realistic! I do have to save some brain space for school. ( •́ .̫ •̀ )

4. I never know what the heck is happening 

I don’t follow social media often so I never know what is going on with idol groups. I don’t know when they have concerts, events, TV appearance’s, and etc. The only way I find out about something is if somebody mentions something major on Facebook. For example I didn’t know BTS was having a concert in the states until almost 2 months after ticket sales started. Obviously I didn’t get any tickets. My wish to finally see BTS live was so close to being fulfilled….

5. I’m to lazy and cheap

K-pop fandom = money
Yeah that concert I mentioned in #4. Jk, I wan’t going to go anyways. I am not paying that much money when I could see them from free on YouTube. Going to concerts requires to much energy, and buying merch cost to much money(what am I suppose to do with all of it anyways?) I don’t need 50 posters, and tons of group apparel. I definitely don’t want to spend extra money buying limited edition stuff, or CD’s. I just stick to iTunes and YouTube. Rather than supporting the group with money, I support the group with love. (♡´౪`♡)

6. Don’t look for me in a fandom war, I won’t come

I see this a lot on Facebook and Soompi Forums. I’ll just be scrolling and BAM fandom war! Who do you like better BTS or EXO? You look in the comments and holy crap is it pure chaos! I’m not going to lie I enjoy reading the comments because they’re funny but I’m not going to respond. I get tired of seeing people argue and debating about the greatness of a group. Just think of me like this, I’m that back-up that never shows up.

Hopefully I’m not alone, and some of you guys can relate. Let me know if you agree with any of these or if you have some traits that you want to mention!


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