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8 MV’s that should be made into movies

March 13, 2017

Here in the USA music video can be put into one of three categories.

1. Feature half-naked girls dancing
2. Feature a lot of close ups and the singer standing in random scenic areas’
3. They attempt to show a story, but leave you with more questions than you started with

I think that’s the main reason (at least for me) that makes K-Pop so unique and different! Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of music videos with half-naked chicks (just check out Body by Mino or Aquaman by Jay Park) but most mv’s don’t have that!  Recently the MV’s that I’ve watched have had some sort of symbolic meaning or told mini stories. I enjoy watching mv’s with that are more than what you see, but I’m not the brightest person when it comes to figuring out the meanings. For example I didn’t notice that all the GOT7 albums are connected until I saw the new trailer. No, I didn’t notice that the title songs are centered around flight. No I didn’t catch the fact that both album names started with Flight Log.And yes, this sounds really sad. ₍₍ (ง Ŏ౪Ŏ)ว ⁾⁾

But back to the main topic

I love watching MV’s filled with dancing (shirtless preferably), but watching MV’s with story lines is like watching mini movies. There short, and entertaining to watch!

Here a few MV’s that I enjoyed, and wish could be on the big screen!

Skydive by BAP

This mv was basically a movie by itself! 10 mins is LONG, and I remember how reluctant I was to watch this when I saw how long it was. But B.A.P had me swallowing my words with this modern-day noir (get it? Noir? That’s the title of the album! Sorry I felt smart for noticing that) video. The movie would be about a gang or group of mercenaries who are being hunted by the feds. The mv does show scenes with a girl who was being held hostage, so I guess there would be some romance. The movie would be mostly be a suspense-thriller with great action scenes (including gunfights). The B.A.P members are excellent actors so I have no doubt this would be a popular movie!

Come back home by 2NE1

This would make an awesome sci-fi film! The 2NE1 ladies looked fierce throughout the video making me wish that the video was a little longer, and that it actually made sense (°ヘ°). I didn’t really understand the video because of all the different happenings throughout. I did fall in love with the futuristic, dystopia ,and techy vibe! My favorite part of the mv was seeing CL dressed in that badass outfit! No doubt there would be a lot of action and fight scenes in this movie.

Half moon by Dean

This one is pretty straightforward so there’s not much that needs to be said. It’d be your typical romance film, but the reason this one stood out was because of the heavy symbolism. I loved how throughout the mv there were a bunch of symbolic moments and items that represented love and how 2 people become 1. It was cute, and made the romance feel more heartfelt. The mature tone, would also set this movie apart from the others, because its unknown if they will get back together. Not all romances have happy endings. Lastly who doesn’t want to see Dean act in a romance? He’s such a cutie! (´ε` )♡

Starlight and Why by Taeyeon 

My wish came 50% true! Dean is in a romance story (although it’s another mv and not a drama or movie). What makes this mv stand out from the others is: That there is a bigger meaning, and a lot of theories. It cool how one video can be interpreted so many ways. For the sake of this article I’m just going to mention my favorite theory, but I think it would be cool if their was a movie that holds multiple meanings. For a movie version it would be about finding love and letting go of the past. Dean and Taeyeon were such a cute couple to watch, and I think they have good chemistry. It would be fun to watch the journey of a girl as she not only finds a new love, but also finds herself and learns to let go of the past (I guess you could just combine all her mv’s to make one big movie!)

Fxxk It by Big Bang

Twenty the movie. Big Bang style! The colors, retro feel, and comedic antics of the members have me longing for a comedic film starring our favorite guys. They’ve already proven how funny they are by acting in skits and movie parodies so I have no doubt that they could pull this off. This movie would be similar to the movie Twenty (which everyone needs to watch!). A film about a group of friends that are getting through life. It would be fun to see these guys showing off their personalities and seeing what craziness they get themselves into! (*≧▽≦)


Spring Love By Eric Nam and Wendy

This cute romantic mv with Eric Nam and Wendy made me think of the american movie 500 Days of Summer. This would be a great romance story about young love, and maybe even 1st love. The couple complimented each other well. Although a lot of the scenes were corny, it was still adorable. The movie would probably be a romantic drama, and not a romantic comedy. Since it Spring Love it might be about a romance that starts in the spring and how it ends..


Can’t help myself by Eric Nam

Eric Nam again! This would make another great romance, but where Spring Love would be a more serious drama, Can’t help myself would make a great comedic romance. A story about a geeky guy trying to catch the attention of a girl who rides the same bus. Most films with similar plot lines have the geeky character transform into a cool guy, but I wouldn’t have him change himself,. Instead the girl comes to love him for the way he is. In a comedic way, and with lots of funny moments! Obviously the movie will have a happy ending, and he’d finally get the girl! Eric Nam would do a great job in this role, because it’s pretty similar to how his real personality is.


Black or White by Cross Gene

The music video was a little graphic for my liking but I did like the message.  This would make a great psychological, thriller about guys who pitted against their inner demons. The group of guys feel as if they are being tormented and threatened by unknown entity. Later in the movie we find out that they where being tormented by themselves and that they are fighting an inner battle. A battle where not everyone survives.(insert evil laugh). Personally I couldn’t watch a film like this, but that’s just because I hate horror and gory movies (I still haven’t watched a single saw movie) ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

Here some other mv’s that I would like to see as movies, but I couldn’t imagine any unique plot lines.
Honorable mentions:
Lotto by Exo
Still 24K by 24K
So here some thoughts straight from the imagination of Kia. What did you think? Did I interest you in any of these movie ideas? Or do you have any mv’s that you think are movie worthy? There’s probably a whole bunch that I couldn’t think of, so let me know what you think of! 
See Ya!

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