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The Ultimate Guide to Thai Dramas

February 27, 2017


After getting into Korean drama’s it’s common to go around and test other Asian dramas. Personally after watching Korean drama, I jumped to Japanese, Chinese, and then Thai dramas. If I had to rank the countries by best drama’s it would probably look like this:
Korea > China > Japan > Thailand

The only reason Thailand is last is because although their romances are good I find almost all the other genres to not be so good. But don’t let that stop you from watching Thai drama! There are a lot of great drama’s to watch and many actors you’ll fall in love with!

Thailand seems like a completely different culture than Korea so if you’ve never watched a Thai drama WARNING – You might experience a culture shock.

But don’t worry! Today’s post is to help explain some of these differences, terms, and recommend some great drama’s that will help ease you into the world of Lakorns ( This is the name for Thai Drama’s).

Also I just want to say, I am not Thai nor have I ever been to Thailand. Everything I mention in this article is from observing, researching, and reading what others have to say.

Let’s Start!

Common Terms

P’ – respectful term for someone older
Nong- little or younger
Pra’ek- Leading actor
Nong’ek- Leading actress
Lakorn- Thai Drama

Common plot lines

Slap and Kiss– You will probably hear this term a lot! This refers to dramas where typically the main couple start off on bad terms, but later fall in love. And when I say bad terms, I mean BAD. Usually this is where you’ll find shows that focuses on forced marriages, blackmail/revenge relationships, and women being “sold” to men (I’ll explain this below). It’s called slap and kiss because that is exactly what happens. Usually the female lead slaps the man a few times throughout the show, and during a heated moment he kisses her.

Selling women– Not like prostitution, but more like giving women as gifts to men. For example in some dramas families rack up a lot of debt and “give” their daughters to rich families in exchange for them paying the debt. They might also “give” their daughters to whoever they owe money to.

Forced Sex– So in america we call this rape (anything that is not consensual) There are a few drama’s were the men do force themselves on the women, but nothing is done. I don’t exactly know what it is called in Thailand, but this action isn’t exactly a crime ( at least not in the world of lakorns). When this happens it usually is the man making the woman “his”. It’s an act of ownership, so nobody really frowns upon it. I remember this one show where the girl was forced to have sex with this guy she hated, and because of that she pretty “obligated” to stay with him. Women are sorta treated like possessions in the Lakorn world, so the man can pretty can much do whatever he wants.

Divorce is basically non-existent – This ties in with the earlier and next troupe so I thought I would go ahead and mention this. I’m not exactly sure on how this ties in with their religion but I do know that once women are married, they basically “belong” to their husbands, Divorce would be a sort of betrayal. If the relationship is bad, and the man cheats you shouldn’t get divorced. Society will frown upon you no matter the excuse! But this is where it ties with the next troupe!

Forgiveness– This can be the most frustrating part of lakorns!!! Forgiveness is great but come on! There is being nice, being a saint, or being an idiot. Some of these people are way to forgiving and are borderline idiots in my book (but that is me and my american mentality). It goes with their religion to be forgiving, so in about 98% of the lakorns you are going to watch will always end on a good note. They always forgive, no matter what.

Ex. The murderer who killed your sister -> Forgiven (you won’t be BF’s though)
Ex. Evil Mother-in-law who almost killed you -> Forgiven (she can’t wait to see her 1st grandchild)
Ex. Husband that cheated on you -> Forgiven (he says he now sees the errors of his ways)
Ex. The husband who “bought” you, forced himself on you, and now your pregnant by -> Duh, he’s forgiven! He’s the baby daddy!

(Okay, that last one might have been sarcasm, but you get the point)


Here are some drama’s that you can watch and ease yourself into Thai dramas. These are more light hearted series with great romance and cute couples! If you click on the name it will take you to the  sharerice info page. This website will be your best friend you need to look up Lakorns!

U Prince Series

Ugly Duckling Series

Dao Kieng Duen

Rising Sun Series

Sixth Sense 

*Leh Ratree 2015

*This is the famous slap and kiss romance but unlike others, this one doesn’t go overboard. The guy is a typical jerk at the beginning but he mellows out and the side romance is great also!

Bonus: Diary of Tootsies

Thailand has some of the best BL drama’s and in my opinion Diary of a Tootsie is #1! The show mostly follows the silly antics of 4 tootsies (1 lesbian, and 3 gay men). Their personalities are hilarious and the situations they get themselves into are easy to relate to. Even if you don’t watch BL drama’s and just want a funny drama, I recommend you watch this. There’s very little guy kissing guy, since the drama is mostly about the friendship of the tootsies. 

Best places to download

Best places to watch online

Hopefully this guide can help you enjoy and understand Lakorns a little more! Thailand is a great country with great shows and movies for you to enjoy! If you want some more recommendations, just let me know in the comments what kind of shows you are looking for and I’ll do my best to help you! 

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