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The Best K-Pop Comebacks of April

May 3, 2017


I may be a little late on this one…

Can you believe another month has ended? It feels like just yesterday that I released my March K-pop favorites….

Sometimes time feels like time is flying by so fast! 2017 has been a great year for K-pop and each month has been filled with great releases. I’m starting to anticipate the following months because I know there will be great songs awaiting!

Because of all these releases I’ve found myself listening (and loving) artist I usually ignore or don’t like. A few groups have managed to surprise me, but others just reminded me why I don’t like them (I won’t say say any names “cough” Exid “cough”)

I liked a lot of songs but here are my favorite April K-pop Comebacks!

Really Really & Fool by Winner

Winner K-pop group Comeback Really Really Poster

Of course this is on my list! From all the groups that had comebacks this month, Winner was definitely the group that surprised me the most! Just like Monsta X, I’ve been following this group since they first appeared in WIN: Who is next.

I was sad to hear about Taehyun leaving the group, and honestly, like most of us, I was wondering how they would recover from such a big loss. He was their main vocalist and (honestly) his voice is what made me a fan. Plus him and Mino were pretty much the faces of the group! I can’t name any members besides them! (But then again I already explained how bad I am at remembering members names) It took me a little bit of time to get over the loss, but I was happy when they announced a comeback. My only concern was that their music wasn’t going to be as good, and that they were going to lose a lot of fans….

But luckily Winner staged a comeback that proved: Yes, they were back, and on top of their game!

Really Really and Fool are great tracks and the mv’s are visually appealing. I love both songs but every time I listen to Fool, I feel like I should be apologizing about something. It always makes me feel as if I’ve done something wrong…

Easy Love by SF9

SF9 K-Pop Group Easy Love MV Picture

I am so proud of them!! Not only was the album Breaking Sensation a success, but they’re also going to be performing at K-Con NY 2017!

Easy love was a great track and in my opinion it was exactly what the group needed to advance their career. This song is slower than their last release, Roar, and it showcases their unique voices. I love listening to their strong vocals, and every time I hear this song I fall deeper in love with Rowoon. His voice is so raw and beautiful!

I also love the mv because wow, did they show off! No doubt they displayed their great choreography and dancing skills.

They’re going to be on Weekly Idol May 10th, and I can’t wait to see them! I haven’t see the group on a show since I watched them on Neoz School (and Click Your Heart)

She’s a Baby by Zico

Zico She's a Baby MV Picture

I’m still wondering if he meant to say she’s my baby? Maybe it was one of those lost in translation moments?

The title and main chorus of She’s a baby still sounds weird but the song was great! I love how multi-talented Zico is! He’s mostly known for his rapping, but he never fails to surprise you. I love how he’s able to change his vocals in order to fit with the slow melody! His voice is good at covering different vocal ranges. I also love how deep his voice goes when starts rapping. So Sexy!

Can I just mention his appearance in the music video? God his eyes! His appearance is just as versatile as his voice! I’m used to see him in more urban styles, so seeing him dressed casually was amazing! He looked so adorable and huggable!

Plus the bunnies on the album cover where a insta-winner. What’s better than bunnies?

Make Me Love You by Taeyeon

Taeyeon My Voice Album Cover

Gasp! This is the song I need to play when I meet my future husband! (Ji Chang Wook, I’m looking at you!). I haven’t truly loved any of her recent songs, but this song changed that. Taeyeon has a beautiful voice and I love how all her songs demonstrate that. She never fails to impress!

This song is beautiful and sexy. Its naughty and innocent. It’s fantastic.

This is my new flirting song! Whenever I see a cute guy I’m going to play this song

“Make me love you” “Make me want you” (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Blue Moon by Hyolyn

Hyolyn Blue Moon MV Picture

Surprise #1.

I’ve never liked any of her previous songs, and I have never listened to her when she was in Sistar. Her voice isn’t anything special but I love this song because of the unique beat. I won’t say I’ve become a fan of hers, but I will be looking out for her next release.

Love Is by Teen Top

Teen Top K-pop Comeback Group Picture

Surprise #2.

Again, I’ve never really liked any of their previous songs, but I am familiar with the group because of their great dancing skills (Those skinny legs be movin at the speed of light!)

Their Choreography relies on a lot of footwork and this mv was another great display of that! The song was great, and I loved the camera angles of the mv.

I’ve decided to go back and give them another chance so I’ve been looking for more good songs by them. Let me know if you can recommend a few good songs!

Coloring Book by Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl Coloring Book MV Picture

Surprise #3.

I know, right? Coming from the person who usually dislikes girl groups.

I’ve never listened to a song by Oh My Girl, but after hearing this song I’ll probably try to listen to other songs by them. This song is really cute, and upbeat! It’s a fun song to dance to!

The mv was a little weird though. Their outfits were cute, but I didn’t like it overall. Then again I’m not familiar with this group, so it may just take some getting used to. I know Red Velvet also has a style that took a little while to get used to.

2Gether by INX

INX 2gether Promo Picture


I have no idea who these guys are but I loved this song! I had never heard of this group until I stumbled upon this song, and I am now a fan! Sadly they don’t have many releases but I’ll be watching out for them!

This is currently my jammin-down-the-road-in-my-car-song. I love bobbing my head, and singing along with this song (English parts and that one random Korean phrase only). Also the rapper for this group is great! If the next song they release has great rapping parts like this song, I might have a new bias!

INX rapper guy, I may not know your name but you have stolen my heart. your deep voice is very sexy~


And that’s it!! Next week I’ll be posting a list of rookie groups to look out for. It took me a while to decide on my top 7. There are so many great groups, but I only want to mention the groups that I think can make it big (I sounded important just now, didn’t I?  §ԾᴗԾ§)

And that’s all folks!

Let me know what your favorite songs from April are and if you have any recommendations (I need more Teen Top and Oh My Girl songs on my playlist!)

Until next time~

P.S – Don’t forget to check out the best comebacks from previous months!



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