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Best K-pop Comebacks of May

June 1, 2017


Let’s be honest.

The beginning of May sucked.

There were barely any good releases and since most groups don’t announce actual dates for their comebacks (just the possible month) I didn’t know what to expect.  The only major releases at the beginning of May was VIXX “Shrangri-La” (which made me fall in love with VIXX all over again) and Twice “Signal”. I’m not a big fan of Twice, so I just skipped their release.

With that said…


(This post would have been really short otherwise)

All the previous months have been filled with great music releases, so I guess I started to get spoiled. I was throwing a mini tantrum when I saw nothing was coming out. Hopefully next month we have more great comebacks (like maybe EXO…).



Al1 was a excellent album, and Don’t Wanna Cry was a great song (with an even better mv). I loved how the group switched from their usual fun and energetic songs to one with a mellow vibe. Seventeen is full of great vocals and I love how this song highlighted them. Jeong Han, DK and Vernon have beautiful voices (I heard you boys!).

The dance was done in true seventeen fashion, and did not fail to impress me. The scenic shots were beautiful and I was surprised to learn that they were shot in LA! I was also thankful that there were only a few scenes featuring random girls. In the other mv’s (Nice and Mansae) they show 1-2 females, but that just makes it awkward. 13 boys with 1 girl is not normal.


I already wrote an entire post about this album, so I won’t be an obnoxious fangirl and make you listen to my ramblings again (unless you want to). Just understand that this song was terrific and that the MV had me imagining things (Its probably because I’ve been watching a lot of Chinese dramas)


Seeing as I am not familiar with this group, I didn’t know what to expect. I was surprised by how good the song and all the vocals were. I thought it would be something more upbeat but the songs had a more mellow and serious tone. This definitely sounds like a good group, so I’m going to be checking out some of their other songs. The song Sun, Moon, Star was great but I haven’t found anything that makes this group different from the others. Hopefully I’ll find something that makes me fall in love with them!


Did you know VAV debuted back in 2015?! I had never heard of them, so I thought they were a rookie group. My bad~

 It was a lovely garden of flower boys! I loved the bright aesthetics, and pastel coloring of the video! The MV had a romantic vibe and the song was a cute, light-hearted, and strangely addicting. The main chorus makes you want to sing along, and after watching the mv I can’t help but do the movements while singing you~ (I probably look crazy, but whatever)


If you read my previous monthly kpop round ups, then you know that I’m not the biggest fan of Romeo. Their music is hit or miss. I love some songs, and hate others. There is no in between. Sadly this new release was a miss. I didn’t care much for Romeo’s new song Stay With Me but I love how the MV was filled with clips from different events and bts moments (Behind-the-scenes, not the kpop group that your thinking about!).  It was cute and it seemed kind of personal!


Surprise! I mean seriously this was a surprise. I’m not a fan of rap so I tend to avoid these types of songs (and groups) The only song I like by Ikon is Apology, and that is a song with barely any rapping. I tend to avoid Ikon, but that was until I heard Bling Bling.

I loved the members new style and appearances! Ikon is known for being good dancers, but its awesome how they can take such simple moves and make the look complex. Guess that is what makes them pros! Their other song, B-Day wasn’t as good as Bling Bling. All that wah-ing turned me away from the song. It was… different from what you usually hear.


They’re back!! 24K is that group that I feel does not get enough appreciation! They’ve been around for awhile, so its sad that they aren’t gaining more attention. This group has been through a lot but they’re still going strong!

The new album Addiction has 2 new songs “Only You” and “Been You”. I love both songs but I really love the unique beat in Only You! I definitely recommend that you guys listen to this song!


P.S – Don’t forget to check out the other monthly K-pop round ups!




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