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Kia TV: What I’m Watching in October

October 15, 2016


Good Morning!

Today I come to you from the comfort of my bed! Fall break has started and I plan on taking advantage of my next 4 days off and watching lots of K-Drama! Today I decided to go ahead and update you guys on what I have just finished watching, am currently watching, and plan on watching. With the shows I just finished watching I’ll leave a quick review and some of my thoughts. I rarely write long show reviews so if your on the fence about whether you should watch a show or not I recommend checking out


Finished Watching K-Dramas


Cinderella and four Knights:

This show has created a big mess of emotions. You know how sometimes you dislike a show but still finding yourself each week? Well that was this show. On one hand this show was a big disappointment. The plot wasn’t terrible but this show was EXTREMELY hyped up by not only the media but also the fans. I originally thought it was similar to a Japanese shoujo manga, so I was trying to avoid it but fans said otherwise. My expectations kept growing as more episodes came out and the fandom grew. Now that I have finished it, I can say I don’t understand how that happened.

My original idea was proven wrong, but only the first 4 episodes were actually good. Which leads into my other set of emotions. On the other hand this show was very interesting. The cast was excellent and the back story was pretty good. It’s just the characters and plot holes that caused the story to fall. I watched this show after it finished airing, but I could not stop hitting the next button no matter how stupid the story got.

This show is one of those shows you have to watch and judge yourself. Some people loved it, some hated it, and then others like me have no idea how we feel.

Let’s Fight Ghost:

I was actually surprised by how good this show was! I am a big Taceyeon fan (well more like a big 2pm fan) so I was quite excited when I first saw the announcement for this show. After finally finishing all the episodes I can say this show was definitely worth the time and wait. The main couple was adorable, the plot was engaging, and the villain was handsome. I’ll be watching this show in the future many more times!

I hope Taceyeon will star in more shows! His acting is great and his body is perfect (more shirtless scenes, please!)

Uncontrollably Fond:

Another disappointment. The story was sooo good at first but it just flat lined. I have no idea what the writers were thinking when they made this show, and honestly I don’t think they knew either. Each week I would wait for the new episode and watch it as soon as it was uploaded. Each week I kept hoping that the show would improve and that a miracle would occur and save the show. That didn’t happen. Some of the characters were flat, and the romance was so wishy-washy. I wish there had been more character development and less overly dramatic moments. I won’t re-watch it but I don’t regret watching this. It was a… experience.


Age of Youth

BEST SHOW OF 2016!! I would that say but at the moment K2  is occupying that spot so I’ll bump this down to #2. This show was full of comedy, romance, and suspense. The cast wasn’t filled with overly popular actors/actress but rather smaller or upcoming people. They all did a superb job and the plot line was fantastic! The pacing was good, there was suspense and questions left at the end of each episode but best of all – the ending answered all the questions. Some shows, like Uncontrollably Fond, produce questions but no answers. By the last episode of this show I can say I was seriously satisfied with what I was given. Since this show is character driven and focuses on the character growth it can seem a little slow at times. Some people may not enjoy this show because of the pacing but this show appeals to young woman and it discusses real life problems that women in Korea face. I will definitely be watching this show again!


Currently Watching K-Dramas

  • K2
  • Running man
  • Moonlight drawn by the clouds
  • Scarlet Heart
  • Go Ho’s Starry Night
  • Love 020

My only compliant is with Love 020. This is like a typical Chinese drama in that the romance is cheesy and the story drags a bit. Its enjoyable but sometimes I start asking myself “why am I watching this?”

Scarlet heart and K2 are competing for the #1 on the best K-Drama of 2016 list. Both shows are engaging, filled with a beautiful cast, and terrific plot. I think that I love K2 a bit more just because Ji Chang Wook is in it (He’s my bae!)


Plan to Watch K-Dramas

  • Monster
  • Second to last love
  • Shopping King Louie
  • Jealousy Incarnate

I keep saying I’m going to watch these, but I just haven’t made it that point. I’ll get ready to start one of these shows when suddenly I find another more interesting show that I have to watch immediately. But I promise this month I’ll watch at least 3 of these shows!

There are only a few more months left in this year, but hopefully we are given many more good shows! What shows are you currently watching? Have you watched any of the shows on this list?

Until next time!


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