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K-Pop Daebak #4 – Weekly Favorites

October 13, 2016


Besides listening to BTS new album Wings (which I reviewed here) I’ve tried to expand my horizons and listen to different groups. You guys can pretty much tell which groups are my bias by how much I talk about them. But this week, I decided to change that! I researched a few bands that I had heard of or discovered through running man and I have listened to all there popular tracks.

Some of the groups I discovered where CNBlue, MBLAQ, Beast, Infinite, Super Junior, and 2pm. I don’t understand why Super Junior is so popular because in my opinion none of their songs were great. I liked the song Devil but I won’t put it in my playlist and I could less if I never hear that song again.  Beast was a pleasant surprise because I didn’t know actor Yoon Doo Joon (Let’s Eat and Splash Love) was in this group! I feel like recently I’ve discovered many actors are in boy band groups. Apparently I just never paid attention…

Romeo is a somewhat new group (just debuted in 2015) and MIRO is the only song I’ve heard by them. The group has adorable guys that just make you want to hug them and pinch their cheeks. I mean there’s no way they’re older than 16 (just found out that the oldest member is 21, so now I feel like I’ve been lied to). Next week I plan on listening to more different groups, because you never know. I might find a new bias!


Favorite K-pop songs


You’re so Fine By CNBlue


The Eye By Infinite

MIRO By Romeo

YeY by Beast  

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