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My 7 Favorite Young Thai actors

May 15, 2017


Thai drama’s (Lakorns) have a lot in common with the Hallmark Channel.
What do I mean? Well let me explain…
In the USA there’s a TV channel, Hallmark, that features heartwarming romances and family oriented movies/TV Shows. The movies are guilty pleasures and addicting to watch but they can be cringe worthy at times. There’s only so much cheesy dialogue, and unrealistic love stories a girl can handle. On this channel not only will you find multiple movies with similar plots, you’ll even find the same actors in all these similar movies.
Lakorns are exactly this. Guilty pleasures, that star the same actors repeatably! It’s not uncommon to finish watching a airing lakorn, and see one (or both) of the leads starring in this new show.

Want to know which Thai actors/actresses are popular? Just look at how many drama’s they’ve starred in. It usually tells it all! If the list goes on forever then, you know they’re popular. See that they starred in dramas released weeks apart? They must be superstars!(Although one big difference is that Hallmark movies cause you to cringe because their overly sweet. Thai dramas have you cringing because of the amount of jealous woman and slap/kiss moments.)

Today I have created a guide of my favorite, popular Thai actors and my favorite shows starring them!

Note: I repeat. When you are a popular actor in Thailand your face will be everywhere! Some of the shows listed might also star other actors from this list!

Push (Puttichai Kasetsin)

Note: It may not be official, but to me DJ Push is the prince of romantic-comedies! His goofy personality was mad for those kinds of shows! He was the main reason I decided to give Thai drama’s a chance. His smile (and body) are just beautiful!

Best Shows: 

Mark (Prin Suparat)

Note: Prin is a very verstalie actor. You’ll find him in comedies, dramas, mystery. Basically you’ll see him everywhere! I love him in comedic roles, but after seeing him in Kleun Cheewit I changed my mind. Lawyer/Cop roles are better! He also stars in a few shows with his girlfriend Kimberly, and they’re such a fun pair to watch. 
Best Shows
Kleun Cheewit (Favorite) 

Mario (Nutthawuth Maurer)

Note: The baby face with a hot body! Sadly I haven’t seen Mario much recently. He appeared in Bunlang Dok Mai this year after a 2 year break from lakorns. I love how boyish and innocent he looks! This man is filled out and buff but that face just makes you want to pinch his cheeks!
Best Shows:
The Rising Sun (favorite) 


Ken (Phupoom Phongpanu)

Note: In Korea there’s Lee Sang Yoon. In Thailand there’s Ken. These guys and their dimples!! Whenever he smiles, those dimples appear and he goes from being hot and sexy to cute and adorable. He has great chemistry with his co-stars, which always seems to make me squeal and blush.
Best Shows
Raeng Ngao (#2 drama, best revenge show ever!)
Dao Kieng Duen (#1 drama, All time favorite) 

Boy (Pakorn Chatborirak)

Note: Boy is another versatile actor, but he plays a lot of police roles. Whenever him and Matt are casted together, you know its going to be a good show!
Best Shows: 
Porn Prom Onlaweng (favorite) 
Fah Krajang Dao 2013 (part of a series)

Nadech (Nadech Kugimiya)

Note: I haven’t watched many shows staring Nadech, but that doesn’t mean anything! From the shows I have seen I can tell he’s very talented (and sexy). Something I have noticed though is that he stars alongside Urassaya, A LOT!! I don’t know if the producers did that on purpose (they do look cute together and their chemistry is great!) or if its because they fit the roles. The world may never know… 

Best Shows:

Lom Sorn Ruk (Favorite) 

Golf (Pichaya Nitipaisalkul)

Note: For all you Full House fans this is Golf, Mike’s older brother. Him and his brother look just alike, I swear I thought they were twins!! Golf doesn’t act as much, and he stars in more lighthearted romance shows. His shows are great for beginners or thai drama newbies!
Best Shows: 
Angel Destiny (Favorite) 

Well that ends another long Thai drama guide! Next in the series favorite female actresses!


P.S. – Make sure to check out the other guides in my Thai Dramas for Beginners series!

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