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Friends, Love & Adulting: Girls Generation 1979 and Age Of Youth 2 Kdrama Reviews

October 29, 2017



Filled with friends, love and adulting these past few weeks have really made me wonder what it means to be an adult. And about the obstacles we must face to get there. Girls Generation 1979 and Age of Youth 2 have accomplished something even my parents can’t get me to do. Think about the future. Both of these shows have managed to top my 2017  best drama list and made me want to appreciate my friends more. But let’s be real, kdrama friends are 2x better than your actual friends. So without further delay let’s just jump into the reviews!


Girls Generation 1979

This show warmed my heart and got me excited as soon I started watching it. As someone who absolutely loves the Reply Series I was squealing with excitement when I realized how similar the plot was to the Reply Series.

The only real difference between the Reply series and Girls Generation 1979 (besides the episode count) is that Reply has narration and jumps between the past and present. Girls Generation 1979 takes place in 1979 only.  For a short series (only 8 episodes) I wasn’t expecting  the plot to be so developed or for so much character depth!

The synopsis makes the show sound as like a simple high school romance story set in 70s, but it was much more than that. This show gave so much insight to the struggles of not just students at that time but also young woman. The friendship between Jung Hee and Hye Soo was beautiful and gave me all sorts of fuzzy feelings.  A relationship that started off bad because of a one sided love, developed into a sisterly relationship. I’m a sucker for any show that has tons of character growth, and this show was just overflowing with it.!

The show put more focus on the friendship but that doesn’t mean it neglected the romance every high school drama features. Unlike other school the romance here was actually endearing and drama free. Jung Hee’s storyline did a excellent job of portraying first love and the struggles that came with it.  For once I can say I actually enjoyed watching the love triangle and trying to figure who she would end up with. Throughout the show Jung Hee seems to be walking to a fine line trying to figure out what she wants for her future. The decisions she had to make were some I think most people could relate to.

Within these 8 episodes I fell in love with Jung Hee’s maturing personality, her messy family, and the emotional story hidden within. I fell in love with Jung Hye Joo who seemed like the perfect student, and popular girl but was hiding an ugly secret, her tragic home life, and the horrible treatment she received later on. This show has quickly become a personal favorite, and while a part of me wishes that we had got a glimpse of the future, the other part of me is actually happy with the open ending. Not only does that leave the possibility for a second season but it kept the story and memories of these amazing girls right were it belonged. In 1979.





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Age of Youth 2

No doubt one of the best shows of 2017!

Age of Youth 2 had me anxiously waiting each week for the subbed episodes, and watching the raw episodes when I couldn’t wait anymore. This season did a great job of carrying over the events that happened in season 1 and bridging the time gaps between the two seasons. I loved how instead of appearing like a second season, it came across as an extension of the first season. The first season of Age Of Youth is still my favorite but only because Kang Yi Na was my favorite character. I was devastated when I heard she wasn’t apart of the main cast for this season! Luckily she made cameos throughout the season , instead of her just disappearing of the face of the earth like characters in other shows do. I’m glad we got to see glimpses of our crazy Kang.  Thankfully they didn’t replace her actor.

Unlike Eun Jae.

I felt bad for the second season actress. Ji Woo was trying so hard to portray a Eun Jae similar to the first season but that didn’t work. What we got instead was some confusing mix at the beginning and whole a different Eun Jae by the end. I can’t say that I disliked her, but nothing made this actress stand out to me. I didn’t finish watching this show thinking Hey, I should check out other shows starring her! 

My biggest complaint though is the Song-Min relationship. Going in I my biggest worry was that  the change of cast was going to be awful.  If I had any complaints, I was sure they were going to be about the new character Jo Eun. (she ended up being awesome and I loved her story line) But no. I ended up complaining about the same thing as last season.  The inconclusive conclusion of the Song-Min relationship.

In the first season they teased us with their relationship. They were good friends that were chasing similar goals, and had good chemistry.  When they announced a season 2 I thought we were finally going to get a kiss and a happy ever after.


Girls Generation 1979 and Age Of Youth 2 Kdrama Reviews
And here I thought her aegyo finally captured Song Min’s heart

Everybody else had a love story except Song Ji Won. Even the new girl! All the same girls who had men in the first season, were the same people who got new men in the 2nd season. (well except Eun Jae) I feel like the writer is playing with my emotions and its absolutely frustrating.

First I’m happy that Ji Won finally got her own story. Under the circumstances I understand, it didn’t seem like the best time to fall in love. But the signs were there, and their chemistry was great. But apparently  it still wasn’t enough to get one kiss, promise, or just anything.  The chemistry had me needing to see more, but all I got was a slap to the face.

As much as I complained I would still give this show a 10/10.  Although I wish there were some changes, it was perfect the way it was. But if they announce a season 3 I’m not sure I’ll watch it. Why should I have to watch 3 seasons just to finally see the Song-Min couple get together? It only took 1 season for all the other girls to fall in love!  My heart can’t take any more of this.


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