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In my playlist – Favorite Kpop Songs of The Week!

February 23, 2018


This past week I’ve found myself listening mostly to songs that I can sing along with. Basically, this week has been one long karaoke session! I’ve mastered Ikon’s Love Scenario, Henry’s I’m Good and now I’m ready for the next challenge! These last few days I’ve also been listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes songs but I managed to keep these few K-pop songs on replay throughout the week.

Pentagon – Violet

I mean love Pentagon because of there energy and colorful concepts, but seriously? Of all the things Violet they could’ve chosen (flowers, jewelry, stuffed animal, etc) They choose a hideous violet sweater? This song is a nice change filled with excellent vocals, beautiful men, and ugly matching violet sweaters.

Taemin – Day and Night

Well, this is a surprise. I’m not a Taemin fan, but there’s something soothing and relaxing about this song. After watching this music video I felt the urge to go appreciate nature. I wanted to go find the biggest open lot (besides the Walmart parking lot) and recreate some of these beautiful moments. Unfortunately, it’s almost 33 F degrees outside (0 C), so I decided to stay in bed today and enjoy nature next month. 

NCT U – Boss

I’m pretty sure I rewatched the music video at least 6 times within in one hour. The choreography was powerful and sharp, also who wasn’t excited to meet Lucas? Hi Lucas! 

Rainz – Turn It Up

No clue who these guys are but I loved the beat drop! I can’t help but show off some skilled dance moves whenever this song comes on.

VAV- Gorgeous

It’s just so fun and cute! And can we just take a moment to appreciate how normal this video is? No crazy outfits, no excess makeup, and no half-naked chicks in the video (I just had a 2 pm flashback). Just cute guys dancing in an abandoned warehouse. Normal. 

Jonghyun – Shinin

I have found my entrance! Every time I enter a room I’m going to throw my arms up just like this! You’ll never be alone! Because I’ll Alway’s be with you, you, you, you! Ugh. The dance is catchy, the lyrics are memorizing, and the song just makes me miss him more. 

What songs are you enjoying this week? Let me know!

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