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K-Pop Daebak #6 – Weekly Kpop Favorites

October 28, 2016

This week I’ve been experimenting and trying to listen to even more boy bands than before! After discovering infinite, 2PM and 2AM (I wonder if there related…) I took a mini break and went back to listening to my usual artist. It’s weird because sometimes I get tired of listening to the same music and then other times I can replay 5 songs allday and not get tired of them!

Recently though I’ve been getting kind of restless. As you know I’m a huge BTS fan but recently they’ve been in the news often and all over YouTube. This is hard for me to say, but… I’m growing tired of them.

They’ve worked hard for their success so I really am happy for them but they’re everywhere! I can’t get a break! How many times are people going to post the same picture of Jimin from the Blood, Sweat, and Tears mv?  I like to listen to mainstream music but I prefer listening to up and coming boy bands or groups that aren’t as well-known. I still love BTS music but I’m starting to get tired ofseeing their group pictures all over the internet!

Back to the main topic… The other day, I was browsing through soompi forums looking for new artist when I discovered 24K and Got7. I’ve heard of Got7 because they were in Running Man (both episodes Got7 appeared on were hilarious!) I’ve never seen 24K but I know there was a playlist on Spotify for them. Neither of them are new groups but I’ve never heard the names nor the music before.  I looked up Got7 a bit after hearing the song “Hard Carry” and I have officially fell in love with Jackson! He is so cute and goofy!! I had watched him on the show Weekly Idol and it seems like Jackson would make a great actor! I hope we get to see him appear on TV more in the future!

Say Yes by Seventeen

Hero by Monsta X

Super Fly by 24K

Hard Carry by Got7


I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s songs! See Ya~


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