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K-Pop Daebak #7 – Weekly Favorites

November 3, 2016


As a college student, I’ve entered the 2nd most dreaded week of every semester. Mid-terms. I’ve been listening to a lot of music but because I was listening to it while I studied, I played just about anything. This week I only found 2 new songs, Fanfare and Selfish and Beautiful. The rest of my songs were already on my playlist, and I’ve just been listening to those songs more often. It’s amazing how you listen to music while doing homework to tune out any distractions, but then you end up tuning out the music. Weird.
As I mentioned before. I am a huge Eric Nam fan, and as of yesterday, a big SF9 fan. I already discussed my love for both these in earlier post (here and here) so I won’t bore you with repetitive information.  Just know that 1) Both of these artists are nominees at the MAMA awards so if you also like their music don’t forget to vote here. 2) Eric Nam has a beautiful voice that creates music capable of touching the soul! I would love to just sit in a chair and have him sing to me. Our hands intertwined, gazes unwavering, and hearts beating as one…. Or maybe I would prefer Ji Chang Wook to sit there while Eric Nam sings in the background?

Winner isn’t ultimate group, but I do love their music. I love the song Sentimental because of the unique beat, and dancing vibe (makes you want to sway along). This is one of those songs you have to dance to! I mostly do beach-y dance moves such as the fish, the wave, and swimming motions.  I get lots of arm exercise in when I listen to this song. Block B – Bastarz is a new group that just released their first album this week. I haven’t gotten around to listening to the entire album, but I do like this song. Once I listen to the album I’ll probably go ahead and post an album review.

Good Night!


Prove it by Got7


Sentimental by Winner


Fanfare by SF9


Selfish & Beautiful by Block B – Bastarz

Dream by Eric Nam


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