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Are K-Pop fans acting to extreme?

March 22, 2017


Mama Kia is here to save the day!

Recently in social media there have been many articles discussing how K-pop fans have acted out and are going to extremes. I usually ignore these kinds of articles, but one incident in particular, really set me off. It made me realize that I don’t understand what drives fans to do these things! Obviously, not all fans are like this, but when you have a stadium full of fan-girls who are acting out, its kind of hard not to judge the entire fan base because of the actions of those 200-500 people.

The incident

Recently at K-Con Mexico ’17, NCT 127 was the performing act before BTS. As most of you probably know NCT has been quite successful with their music releases, but they are still considered a rookie group. Performing at K-Con was definitely a big opportunity for them. I’m sure the boys of NCT 127 where excited and anxious to show off their hard work. What they had to experience was just horrible.
Now I might be biased because I do like NCT 127 (I loved BTS first, but NCT 127 stole me away), and I do understand that what occurred was because of a slight misunderstanding, but that still doesn’t excuse the actions of the Army fans that were in the audience. Chanting BTS during another groups performance is just downright rude, and not acceptable. They basically ignored the performance in front of them, and tried to rush the group off stage so that they could see the main performance.

What Happened After?

Afterwards fans apologized, and commented that they only did that because they thought NCT 127 was only supposed to perform x amount of songs, and they were performing more. That is a horrible excuse! If you go to a BTS concert, of course BTS is going to perform. So why does it matter how many groups perform before them? Also BTS was on the line-up, no one said that they were the “official” main act! I understand that you want to get to the best part, but what concert doesn’t have an opening act? Just because you got excited for BTS doesn’t mean you should disrespect NCT 127.
The audience tried to make up for it. They mentioned in their apologies that NCT 127 did a great job, and that they would love to see them again. BS. How would you know if they did good? You where to busy chanting for another group and disrupting their performance. I think they did an excellent job! Even though the crowd wasn’t supporting them, and trying to rush them off the stage, they still gave it their all and delivered an outstanding performance.

My Thoughts

Don’t people realize that when you go to these events your acting as a representative for your country? I’m not saying that you become a UN ambassador but for these Korean idols who are traveling to foreign lands, their opinion of the country is based on how the audience acts. The audience may be mixed of many types of people from different places, but when the idols think of Mexico that crowd is what they are going to remember. This has an influence on if they want to go back.
I’m not trying to say that the Army fans are all lunatics but rather that no matter what fandom you fall under you need to be respectful to other groups. Everyone works hard to make a name for themselves. Its sad to see these boys doing everything so they can stand out and get treated like nothing in return. If I was at the concert and the girl next to me started chanting BTS… My inner New Yorker would’ve come out, and I would’ve said a few “rude” words or just straight up bitch slapped her.

Wrapping up~

This isn’t the first incident, and it’s not the last. There have been many articles about K-pop fans doing crazy things. For example when fans throw there bras on stage. I mean, come on! Who’s bright idea was this? Me personally, I get hot at concerts so I start sweating. Why would I throw my sweaty, used, probably even musty smelling bra at someone? It wouldn’t be a nice bra either. Bra’s are expensive. If you think I’m going to toss my $40 Victoria secret bra on stage, just so it can get thrown away later. Puh-lease. I’ll climb on stage and get it back myself.
Finishing up ~
I don’t know if all fans act like this (I doubt this has ever happened at a Taylor Swift concert), but regardless we shouldn’t be acting like the stereotypical crazy fans. Instead we should be acting like people who love a group, and want to support them. Fans should only encourage not discourage.
Also in 10 years your going to look back at these days, and feel so embarrassed. I’m trying to help you save face.
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