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Kammathep Hunsa Review

October 5, 2017

The Cupids Series Hunsa7 episodes of cringing, and eye rolls.

Kammathep Hunsa Still
This picture accurately describes my feelings while watching this show

Since this is the first in the series, I was expecting this show to be the best one. When I watched the first few episodes I was immediately turned off by the naive female lead, and the cold male lead. The main characters reminded me of a rock and a balloon. The female lead was to much of an airhead and just seemed to float off into her own world many times. The male lead was just a rock. Cold and hard. Yeah he slowly warmed up. Key word being SLOWLY, but by this point I was already severely disinterested.  The plot was interesting but the characters did not make want to watch more. It took a few days and multiple attempts to finish watching episodes 1-2.

After episode 4 the story got a little interesting (not by much, but I stopped fast forwarding through the episodes).

Kammathep Hunsa Still
There is nothing more romantic then being stuck on an island. Maybe they saw Winner filming their MV.

To be honest it feels like the writers tossed everything into this plot, it went from romantic comedy to an action to survivor and romantic drama/action/spy movie. It’s full of common cliches, awkward characters and crazy moments. This had the makings of a terrible show, and for a while I thought it was going to be just that. What changed?

The plot focuses on Tim, a famous businessman who has made many enemies in his line of work due to his cold, and cruel personality. Hunsa is cute, clumsy cupid struggling to stay in her bosses good graces due to many work slip ups, and accidents. Adding the new stipulation that all the girls must find boyfriends just make her job harder, and one step closer to getting fired. These two meet on bad terms, and are soon forced together because of violent attempts at Tim’s life which accidentally involve Hunsa.


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My main problem was that I don’t like the stuck on a deserted island trope in romance dramas. It’s just corny and it makes the romance feel forced. Instead of having these 2 people fall in love by choice it feels like they fell for each because they were stuck together and just bonded over the circumstances.

Those episodes spent of the island basically ruined this show for me. But Hunsa and Tim did manage to redeem themselves a bit.

Kammathep Hunsa Still
I had so many questions during this scene but one stood out. Why would you have door that only locks and unlocks from the outside?

The main reason being I loved the mystery!

Now this isn’t a OCN or TvN creation, but the mystery does capture you and keeps you questioning. Who is after Tim? After a certain point the audience figures out who the villain is (it becomes quite obvious) but its still interesting to watch and see how Tim and Hunsa bring the villain down. I also enjoyed the interactions between Tim and Hunsa because they were complete opposites. They had some funny moments, and even funnier misunderstandings.

Kammathep Hunsa Still
Why is he so gorgeous?

Boy is a great actor and I love how he plays versatile roles. One role he might portray a cute, charming character. In another he might portray a more serious, and sexy character. Whatever it is he always does a great job. But this role just fell short. Like I mentioned before by the time he did start to warm up, I had already stopped caring. Instead I was figuring out which show did I want to watch next.

I don’t blame his acting but rather the character.

Kammathep Hunsa Still
Hopefully her next role is better

I feel that Toey was also a victim of a bad role because her character was such an airhead (refer to balloon reference above),  It wasn’t overly annoying, but there were a few eye rolls. I also disliked her damsel-in-distress moments. She had them so frequently and seemed to be incapable of helping herself. Lastly she was way to forgiving of the male leads poor treatment towards her!

Kammathep Hunsa Stills
The love triangle that could never be

Overall I would recommend you watch this but only if you don’t mind watching the greatest love story featuring a rock and a balloon.  The best part of the story was seeing the different cupids and the men they’ll end up with. I did enjoy the show somewhat but it won’t be on my re-watch list. There are better Thai dramas that I can be watching.

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