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10 thoughts on the new GOT7 Trailer

March 1, 2017

Wow. Sorry, I know I’m about 1-2 days late but I’ve been catching up on running man episodes. When I finally did make my way to the V live website I saw there was a new episode of Run BTS, and by that point I forgot the main reason I went to the website (and if you haven’t checked on the new episode of Run BTS you should click here)

Okay now that I’m done promoting BTS, time for GOT7!

Just a bit of warning, I’m terrible at making theories. Instead I’ll just 10 questions and thoughts I had while watching the video.

1. Jinyoung is the missing cast member of Missing Nine


He Blends right in

2. Jinyoung is dead (or dying)

Still looking good though


3. Jinyoung is dead and it’s all Youngjae’s fault (or Jinyoung committed suicide)

My lovely crime poster explains it all

4. The afterlife is a beautiful winter wonderland filled with hot guys!

This is a true heaven!


5. Did he jump from a building and land in the ocean?

He was standing on the building, but woke up in the ocean? I’m hoping that it is symbolism.

6. Jinyoung looks absolutely adorable!

I just want to give him a towel and a hug (♡‿♡) ~♪


7. Why do these guys keep trying to fly?

I’m scared of heights so I give them props just for stepping on the roof

  1. Can I play in the snow with them?

They’re snow angels! You get it? There’s snow, and they’re Angels because their supposedly dead!


9.  I need to know where these scenes are from. I’ve just found my next spring and winter break vacation spots.

These are breathtaking!

 10. I probably need to go back and watch the MV’s for Fly and Hard Carry again.

I’m so lost (⊙_⊙’)

These were the very sad, but very real thoughts I had while watching this. I do have a few theories on what everything means, but I’ll wait until I’ve re watched the other music videos before I say anything. Have you guys come up with any theories? Let me know what you think!

Until next time!

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