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Most Anticipated K-Pop Comebacks 2017

February 25, 2017


This year all the K-pop comebacks we’ve seen have been great! I’ve even discovered different groups because of their great comebacks. There are a quite a bit of comebacks scheduled for this year, but there are no set dates for most of these groups. These aren’t listed any particular order. These are just the groups that I’m excited to hear from, and who I think will blow us away! (≧∇≦)/



This one is a no brainer. EXO is a great group, with excellent music so of course I’m excited to see what they do next. Also with Big Bang out of the picture the competition between BTS and EXO just got fiercer. I’m curious to see who will be #1…

 Monsta X

Expected release in March
Ahh~ My first love. This was the group that made me realize how great Kpop is (well them and Vixx), so I have a special place for them. I loved the clan part 2, and the choreography
for Fighter was great! I can’t wait to see what new songs and dances they have prepared. Hopefully their music videos improve because the MV for fighter was a hot mess.


Expected release in March

We can Skydive, Freefall! I loved Skydive and the MV that was basically a mini movie. I was stuck on the BTS Wings album until I heard BAP’s album NOIR. This group I talented and I NEED MORE!!


Expected release in March
I love this group, not only because of their music but also because of their funny misadventures. All their reality shows are funny, and I love the relationship they have. Flight Log Turbulence was a great album, and my favorite songs were Prove it and Hey!


Expected release in March
I like this group, but I haven’t exactly become a fan. Their music is kind of hit or miss for me, so hopefully this new album will change my mind. I love watching their dance practices, and their funny to watch on variety shows. Sunggyu always does things that make me laugh!

Girls Generation

Expected release in July
This group has never disappointed me! Their songs are fun to sing along with, and their choreography is fun to learn. What new dances shall I be learning this year? ( Side note: If you have never taken the time to learn the dance for GEE, you are missing out!)

Another group that I am looking forward to is Winner, but I’m a little worried since they lost 1 member, They’ll be debuting as a 4 member group instead, so hopefully everything works out…

I didn’t mention debuting groups, but there are a few rookie groups that I’m looking out for. That is another post, for another day.

Bye Bye!

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