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Seven Days a Queen Review: The Amazing Boat Race

August 8, 2017


I have a weird analogy for you.

What do boat racing and Seven Days a Queen have in common?

  1. There are multiple boats/ships sailing,
  2. The race between said ships keeps you on the edge of your seat
  3. it’s unpredictable,
  4. it’s hard to cheer for just one boat because let’s face it. Nobody likes to be the unhappy loser.

This show made me all sorts of crazy with the multiple ships and the unpredictable changes in the plot. This show contained everything that I disliked about historical dramas and put it into a package of pure perfection. How will I ever find a Historical drama better than this?!


On paper, the plot sounds the same as all the other historical dramas that have been produced.

Evil ministers. Manipulative queen. Bad family relationships. Terrible prophecy. Ill Fated Love

Now where have I seen that before? (Moon that Embraces the Sun, Shine or Go Crazy, The Princess’ Man, and trust me the list just goes on)

The plot was fast paced and every episode had a new development (Can we just take a Seven days a Queen Ep stillsmoment to appreciate the writer? No draggy plot here. Amen!) Some episodes I found myself giddy and laughing from the cuteness, crying because of the unfairness, and pulling my hair because of the suspense and unpredictability.

You never truly know what is going to happen because this show does a great job of Seven days a Queen Ep 4 stillsbalancing the politics and romance. They both were tightly interlinked and it was a cause and effect relationship. When something major happened because of the political happenings it effected the romance. And vice versa.  I loved that the romance wasn’t kept separate. It wasn’t a “drama” romance where love conquers all and it exist in its own bubble away from reality. Instead it was a realistic love. The happenings around them effected their relationship, and at times their love had be pushed aside in order to address other more important problems.


So many ships sailing.

Seven Days a Queen stills
Classic run scene, but their version was hilarious!

Argh! The love triangle in this show was so frustrating! It was just soo good! Starting with the child actors and moving into the adult actors, this love triangle has kept me on the edge of my chair. Chae Kyung and Yi Yeok, were THE couple. You start off rooting for them that doesn’t last long. Guess who comes along? King Yi Yeong portrayed by the perfect Lee Dong Gun. He smiled once and I was rushed to the ER for SLS (second lead syndrome).

Seven Days a Queen Lee Dong Gun
Have you ever seen a king that looks this good?

Lee Dong Gun rocked this role! Yi Young is portrayed as a villain, but he was a character that you could never truly hate (and it’s all because of Dong Gun). Even though I was 100% positive that this man was crazy, needed a therapist and a whole bottle of chill pills I still loved him. Unlike the other evil kings that we see in historical dramas Yi Young was different. He wasn’t truly evil, rather he was a victim his past, status, and the people around him.

I loved watching him interact with Chae Kyung (Park Min Young) because those were the Seven Days a Queen Lee Dong Gun and Min Youngonly times that was saw him, not as a tyrant, but a broken man who needed help. Chae Kyung was his ray of light and and the only person he could truly relax around. It was adorable watching how his mood changed after spending time with her.

Not gonna lie, I kept hoping that “maybe” he would steal her from Yi Yeok.

Seven Days a Queen Yeon Woo Jin
That smile is radiant

Yi Yeok (Yeon Woo Jin) DESERVED to be with Chae Kyung after all that he went through. They made an absolutely stunning couple, and you could see how much they loved each other. (Side note – Anybody else think that Yeon Woo Jin was ah-maz-ing in this role? It was different from his usual roles but he nailed it! I just wish people would stop mentioning how weird his eyes looked.) His love for her is what helped him survived those hard times and they were each others first and last love.

Chae Kyung didn’t make this triangle any easier to watch because her chemistry was great with both men (how does Park Min Young do it?). Just when you think you want her to end up with Yi Young, BAM She shared a hot kiss with Yi Yeok forcing you to switch teams.

I saw two ships sailing and I had no clue which one I wanted to cheer for.

So I just decided I would be happy no matter who she ended up with. Simple solution, right?



Seven Days a Queen Stills
This line delivered the final blow

No it wasn’t simple! After watching that last episode I got on the ground and threw a tantrum worthy of a 5-year-old. Nobody got a happy ending! It wasn’t fair that Chae Kyung and Yi Yeok didn’t end up together! But at the same time, I knew it was what needed to happen.

Chae Kyung and Yi Yeok faced many obstacles because of their love, and would it stop because of he became king? No, it would only continue. Time and Time again he would save her but by doing this he would always be putting his title as King in jeopardy and giving his enemies leverage to use him again. I was sobbing when

Seven Days a Queen Min Young and Woo JinChae Kyung told Yi Yeok that the best way they could show their love was being apart and living long lives so they could be reunited once again. After I saw that last scene I was dead. I had no more tears to shed, and watching Yi Yeok and Chae Kyung being reunited after death killed me. It was a beautiful moment watching them joke as children and then professing their love as adults. It was just so heartbreaking that they could only meet after death.


Seven Day Queen Review – CONCLUSION

Why haven’t you watched this show?Seven days a Queen Ep 2 stills

If you haven’t watched this show yet you need to now! This show is worth the 10-12 hours of binge watching (Make sure you have a box of Kleenex next to you). Seven Days a Queen is an excellent Historical romance that I would recommend everyone watch. I mean why would you skip it? Lee Dong Gun and Yeon Woo Jin look Smokin hot. Park Min Young is absolutely stunning. The romance and kisses make you blush. Did I mention there was a kick-ass nanny?


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