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Kdramas With 40+ Episodes: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

October 29, 2017



Sometimes watching long kdramas can be a challenge. One part of me is shouting heck yeah! As long as the plot sounds interesting and the cast looks good I can get past the episode count. The more episodes, the more I get to see. The other part is quietly crying and cringing when I see that the show has more than 40 episodes. That is to many episodes and there is no way the plot will stay interesting for that long.

However you look at it long dramas are great if your looking for something to watch over a long period of time, or your worst nightmare if you’re looking for a fast moving romance story.

People tend to avoid long shows so it’s hard to find reviews or recommendations on what shows are worth watching and which are worth skipping. I created a list that basically summarizes my thoughts on all the long kdramas that I have watched so far. They typically fall into one of 3 categories:

Good- No cringing, and entertaining from first to last episode!

Bad- Or as I call it Boringly entertaining. Hand, meet fast forward button.

Ugly- Probably contained every kdrama cliche in existence and the writer deserves to be slapped

I recommend you bookmark this page so that when you feel like watching a new long kdrama can you can just pop on over and see what is worth the time. Let’s Begin!

The Good

The Promise– On of the best revenge dramas EVER!

Laurel Street Tailors– comedic storyline filled with lovable villains and adorable couples

What Happened to My Family-Besides starring a young Park Hyung Shik and Seo Kang Joon , its a heartwarming (and tear worthy) show that makes you want to hug your dad and never let go

My Father is Strange– This show was strange. The title probably should’ve been something different but who cares. Not only were Lee Joon and Jung So Min a hot couple with amazing chemistry but Ryu Hwa Young and Ahn Hyo Sub are about to steal the award for cutest couple in 2017

Ojakgyo Brothers– Before the epic failure called Manhole when I still had faith in Uee’s acting, there was this show. A time just before Joo Won’s career took off,  and when bootcut jeans were still popular. A great, simple show that isn’t filled with kdrama secrets, annoying love triangles, and draggy episodes.

Father I’ll Take Care of You– boring main couple with typical kdrama problems. The only thing that saved this plot was the funny feuding families, and Kim Jae Won and Lee Soo Kyung’s  storyline.

I have a Lover– For once, a long drama with an older couple and a plot that keeps you interested from beginning to end.

Ugly Alert– A few ugly characters, stupid cliches, and more episodes than necessary. But Im Joo Hwan  made this show 3x better and was the only reason I could endure so many episodes.

Life is beautiful– This show is beautiful! Filled with various storylines ranging from same sex relationships, to struggling marriages, and young love. This large family is the most realistic kdrama family I’ve seen yet !

Seo Yeoung, My daughter- While it took me a few tries to finish this show, the main couple and side couples had me fall in love with this show! An intense show except with no over exaggerated drama

Five Enough– Unlike most kdramas, this show doesn’t just focus on the parents but also the kids. For once the children get screen time and aren’t just forgotten in the corner. An excellent family drama.

The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang–  I found myself  fast forwarding through some episodes so less episodes would’ve been better. Also the romance was a little annoying with its on and off moments. This show managed to jump start Seo Hyun Jin’s career, and it was also the last time we saw Seo Woo.

Yoo Na’s Street– One word. Underrated.

Family’s Honor– While it may have the typical annoying kdrama mother, it lacks all the other craziness. Looking for a long show that doesn’t have every kdrama cliche in existence? Look no further.

Empress Ki – One of the longest historical dramas. And no doubt the best!


Can’t commit to watching a drama with 40+ episodes? How about watching one with less than 10? 

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The Bad

Come Jang Bo Ri – Is it bad that I liked the Chinese version better? Remember kids ignorance is not cute.

Bluebirds House– Boringly good. You’ll probably fast foward through most, if not every episode. Just a warning.

Golden Rainbow– The beginning was good, The ending was good. The middle was a wreck. Sad fact. This is the shortest show on the list.

Smile Dong Hae– Ugh! I wanted to like it. I tried to like it, but this was way to long and grew boring quick. If they cut it by 40 episodes I might’ve actually enjoyed it.

One Well Raised Daughter– Loved the cast, and plot but the romance…. lets just say while I’m happy my ship sailed the romance was rushed

Person Who Gives Happiness- The cutest kid ever! Son Seung Won! That’s it.


The Ugly

Lee Soon Shin is the Best– Not even IU could save this hot mess

Secret Secret– I almost liked it. Almost! But then I watched episode 2.

Blow Breeze– Rather than a breeze the characters in this show resembled a hurricane. Destroying the plot, and chasing people away.



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